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Hannibal 1x7.5: Monster Dinners Are Really Great (We Eat The Food And Then The Plate)

Is it just me, or has this past week been one pot-hole-filled stretch of karmatic road? Winter seems to have decisively curled it's fist around Ohio now, so I've had a whole slew of fun migraines (if by 'fun', you mean 'an entirely new adventure in pain'), and the strongest thing I can take these days is Advil PM. Good times. X_x;;

To top it off, most of the family within a reasonable geographic distance will be converging on my grandparent's home this evening for a 'practice reading' of their Will. (What _is_ this? I honestly don't know what this is, aside from my grandmother's eternal morbidity and the desire to stir up trouble before she's cast off this mortal coil.) I'm trying really, really had to force myself to be logical and compassionate and _not_ see this as yet another attempt to stir up family drama, but its hard.

So, let's talk about Will's deeply distressing interpersonal relations! They make mine look like a cake-walk.
(Everyone together now: OHHHHH WILLLLLLL. ;_;)

[+] When we left off, a considerable pile of bodies had accumulated-- even more than is usual for Jack's work-week. (Seriously, I bet property values near Quantico, and even the general environs of Baltimore have _plummeted_. Real estate agents are in a rush to assure potential buyers, "Well, there hasn't been a serial killer in _this_ neighborhood…")

[+] Back at the ranch Hannibal's office, Dr. Lecter is talking to Will about his "unconventional therapist", and they both brainstorm as to why their killer(s) would be after such a veritable cornucopia of organs. Hannibal throws out the red herring that perhaps they are dealing with a ring of organ thieves. Will says it's a brilliant diversion (to which Hannibal inwardly preens), but doesn't really take the bait.

Hannibal's body language is always so interesting during these sessions. Predatory, but not in a traditional life-threatening sense. It's rare for him, and (as we've discussed before) he's not really a sexual being in the sense most human beings understand it. I think, however, he's experiencing a level of excitement and invigoration in his intellectual sparing with Will that, for lack of a better term, titillates him. The philosophical equivalent of a strip-tease.

(And, of course, Will is the only one losing his clothes. POWER DYNAMTICS. Lecter, you are a creepy, creepy dude. I'm pretty sure playing 'You Can Leave Your Hat On' during therapy is VERY unconventional. X_X)

[+] Look, Hannibal has an old-fashioned and neatly kept rolodex! He also has a charming little recipe-card box, and when you put the two together… it's like a cooking show from hell.

So, Hannibal begins the systematic slaughter of all the rude little minions he's been forced to interact with. How dare they be people with lives of their own, who may or may not have been having a bad day, or been ill at ease, or any of the million other factors that contribute to less-than-perfect customer service.

When Hannibal kills, we see that person-suit Bedelia was talking about-- then you look at his eyes, and you can see no one is wearing it.

[+] Will comments to Team Science that every one of [the Ripper's] choices "has grace.. elegance." He sounds at once gutted and awed by the observation, as if it hurts him to find those words already formed somewhere inside himself.

Meanwhile, Hannibal is trying to figure out how to bug the forensics lab. Wouldn't want to miss out of any of Will's sweet nothings.

[+] Blah, blah, Alana prefers beer, and Hannibal handles her expertly into assuming she has a special place in his consideration because he makes 'her' beer himself. He wonders aloud why he and Alana didn't have an affair while she was in school. Oh, gee, Doc, I don't know… MAYBE BECAUSE IT WOULD BE UNETHICAL?
I'm not sure who would be more of a nightmare during work-mandated sexual harassment training-- Jack, or Hannibal. If you ever teach that class, don't let him have your business card.

[+] Jack has more nightmares that are supposed to indicate his subconscious guilt. I am more interested in examining _why_ zombie!Will is still so pretty. @_@

[+] Hannibal continues his joyful killing spree; Jimmy Price is confused by the fact one of the bodies is missing its spleen.

PRICE: "Who does a spleen transplant? Why would you take a spleen?"
ZELLER: "Sausage".

Dude, I mean it on so many different levels when I say, THAT AIN'T KOSHER.

Zeller is, in fact, so argumentative that he argues with Jimmy even when Jimmy is agreeing with him. They're like an old married couple-- especially when Zeller says, "Well, your tone."

[+] Bev is unmarried and thoroughly AWESOME. She located the kill truck, while everyone else is kicking around talking about spleens and getting relationship counseling.

[+] Jack interrupts yet another one of Hannibal's dates. The good Doctor was having so much fun playing 'match that crime scene photo' with Will. It's like a gore-drenched version of Hearts. Fortunately for Jack, he offers an even better couples-bonding activity. Hannibal's going on a field-trip!

Seriously, Hannibal's little comment about the evening being 'very educational' harkens back to the first episode, 'peeking behind the curtain'. It must thrill both his base pride and his artistic sense of irony to be so deep in the belly of the beast that hunts him.

[+] And so Hannibal actually gets to save the day. (It was incredibly disconcerting to type that. X_x;) Of course, he'll just kill the poor sap later for bleeding all over his nice suit. It's interesting though, how strong Hannibal's upper body seems in these shots, especially outside the context of the kitchen. He really does have a butcher/smithy's build, which I think is at least part of the reason why Will is staring. It's like stripping away the thorough-bred's racing saddle to find an Viking war-horse underneath.

I love Will's face in this scene. It's as if he's had a holy revelation-- comparable to Elijah's wheel-angels-- but has no idea how to begin interpreting it. All he knows is that the moment is profound, and that its changed the playing field. In my mind, this is when his subconscious becomes suspicious, though those thoughts are far, far below the surface.

[+] Later, as Will questions him (rather intensely) as to why he gave up trauma surgery, Hannibal says that "no one has died from [his] therapy." Hahahaha… yeah, we'll see how long that holds true.
But it's cute that Will brought wine. If he'd stayed, Hannibal would have had him sitting at the doctor's right hand.

[+] "Nothing here is vegetarian."
You know, by the time Silence of the Lambs rolls around, every single person at that table will remember this meal in their darkest, breathlessly-screaming nightmares.

And that includes you, Skull Lady.

Huzzah! Now I'm all caught up for tomorrow! ^_^


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