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[fic] Our Love is a Funeral Dirge (And They're Playing Our Song)

Well, we made it through the 'practice reading' of the will with no actual fatalities (truly a miracle, with the number of guns in my grandfather's collection), but no shortage of hurt feelings. *thumbs up* Thanksgiving is going to be so fun X_x;;

I also did two hours of overtime tonight, so this post has in no way been beta'd, and I cannot guarantee coherence. What was I thinking? OT on a Monday, when I have the whole rest of the week to contend with. Clearly there is some fraudulent person out there, masquerading as Meredith and fraudulently signing up for overtime. She must be stopped! ^_~

Previously, on Hannibal: Hannibal says Will has entered into a Devil's bargain with Jack Crawford. (I believe the appropriate response on Jack's part would be, 'I know you are, but what am I?') Alana insists she's Will's friend, and she isn't going to take advantage of that. (Natch.) Hannibal asks Will if he's a patient, or just a friend having a conversation. (Will's answer is: "Yes") Everyone has a friend! Even Franklin has a friend, Mr Creepy No Expression Tobias Budge.

[+] Awww, Will works on greasy motors right in the middle of his living room, with his dogs patiently arrayed around him. He doesn't even put a tarp down on the carpet! (Forget Lecter, Will is my Mom's worst nightmare. ^_~)
Will's puppies are happy to spend time with their daddy, though they do think he has awfully funny chew-toys.

[+] Switch scene to Tobias' string shop, where a young boy is painfully plugging away on a cello. Hey, I know that etude! I myself was inflicted on a poor, unsuspecting violin for a number of years as a child. Never had a gift for it, though I liked it better than piano. Luckily, non of my music theory classes were taught by serial killers… though one had a rather upsetting fascination with Hello Kitty. -_-'''

[+] The boy, displaying the typical blood-thirstiness of children his age, asks if the strings are really made from cat-gut. Ahahahaha, kid-- if only you knew. Budge has a really creepy 'paternal smile'. *shivers*

[+] Meanwhile, Will is out in the frost-laden fields behind his house, looking for a wounded animal. In all fairness, it's cries were heart-wrenching. Alana asks if he really expects to find it alive. Will 'oh-so-casually' throws out the idea this could be a date. (Maybe in the Field and Stream version of the universe. ^^) Alana, smooth-talker that she is, bluntly says the whole "date" issue never crossed her mind.

Whew! The blistering sexual tension between these two-- lemme tell you. [/sarcasm] Seriously? Neither of you should be dating. I'll be perfectly honest; I have had a total of two relationships and one actual date, all of which reached varying levels of technicolor horror spectacles… so, yeah. I'm not casting stones. But it is what it is.

Apparently, according to Alana, you can 'become' someone who dates. (WTF!?) Is there a class, or something? A lecture series, or a learning CD like Rosetta Stone? Here's the thing: maybe it's partly because I'm a lesbian, but I don't get why 'dating' has such an appeal. As an activity, in the traditional sense of the word. As though you're working through a checklist ("bases") until you somehow magically figure out its time to move forward and… sleep together? I've figured out the whole "significant other" thing just isn't up my alley, but even when I _was_ trying… I didn't want romantic politicking. I just wanted a friend. A close, true, best friend whom I happened to engage in physical intimacy with the expectation of generalized monogamy.

…. Maybe I'm weird.

So, yeah, Alana-- I'll start working on that 'becoming someone who dates'. Right after I learn to stop 'broadcasting my victimhood'. *excessive eye-roll*

[+] Anyway! We have a fresh body. Looks like someone went to the Andy Warhol School of Serial Killing. (Ie, "go for shock value and claim it's new art") There's a lovely swell of dark string harmony as Will reconstructs the scene. The whole "this is my design" thing is back, too. And Rose and Valerie screaming from the gallery Garret Jacob Hobbs, just to round things out.

[+] Poor Bedelia never gets a break. Hannibal is constantly using his therapy as an excuse to needle her. To her credit, she never once flinches, but I certainly hope she goes to a spa or something after their appointments. X_x;;

[+] Will scores some serious (but unintentional) points off Zeller when he accidentally channels some left-over Budge. We all want to get better sound out of our people instruments, man. Turns out, Bev played the violin, too. It heartens me to know that I share even the slightest similarity to someone as awesome as she is.

[+] Hannibal and Will brainstorm again. Hannibal waxes poetic about bone-flutes and mutters some nonsense about life and music that sounds like it came out of a fortune cookie. Dudes, just because you dress it up with your pretentious vocabulary doesn't necessarily make it mean something.

Will, meanwhile, is multi-tasking by lying to Hannibal and having an identity crisis at the same time! ("Do you still see the killer's serenade behind your closed eyes?" / "I see myself"-- no, dear, that's Hobbs. Big difference.)

[+] Hannibal decides to get his stalk on. I hate that suit, but I find the tie oddly compelling. Normally, I hate blue and orange together, but that burnished copper and peacock blue is… oddly appealing to me. (I was a bad girl and just bought a new set of 36 watercolor pencils. No, Hannibal, I'm not sharing.)

Hannibal and Tobias talk shop. There's a the usual platitude about the loss of a life, and a shared look before Budge says, "The symphony will be better for it [his death]." Hahaha, serial killer jokes. Gets me every time.

[+] Back at Will's house, Will's puppies are comfy pack animals who don't know why their daddy is being a spaz. Alana says she 'doesn't date' and 'isn't taking advantage' of Will, but she's totally okay with showing up randomly and sending mixed signals. The look she gives Will in regards to the animal noises… geeze, Dr Bloom, could you look less like someone just slopped a whole load of rotting brussels sprouts on your plate?

[+] Aww, Christ, they kissed. And then she has the nerve to say she's confused! You're confused? How about the audience, not to mention poor Will. Bad life choices, dear. Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars, and please take Psych 101 again.
Also, her "it's not you, it's me both of us" speech is so long it has appendices.

[+] Back in Baltimore, Budge and Lecter have a pretentious dinner together. How nice for them. Almost flirtatiously, Tobias mentions that he intended to kill our good doctor. Then he mentions having tailed Lecter, at which point the fun and games are over. Hannibal's demeanor ices over-- he is done playing with his food. He and Tobias lock gazes-- it's double-elimination tournament STARING. And go!
(Also, Hannibal wants everyone to know that he would never, ever insult the food by poisoning it. He may be a remorseless cannibalistic serial killer, but there _are_ limits.)

[+] Wow-- Will rudely bursts in on Hannibal's dinner, completely unannounced… and lives to tell the tale. It's so cute that Lecter is smitten enough to let him get away with things like that. ^_~ Will drove an hour in the snow to see Hannibal* (score!) and tell him all about how he kissed Alana (buzzkill). They have a dessert that involves kiwis which, to my mind, is not a dessert at all.
(*on a completely serious note: Hannibal has spent more than one episode belaboring the importance of boundaries. Will and Alana have had this whole issue with same. Yet Will just rushes into the dubious shelter of Hannibal's home the minute he needs an anchor? We've got trouble-- right here in River City.)

[+] Will tells Hannibal he feels unstable, and completely breaks my heart. The words are spoken with such soft desperation, and body language that screams of sheltering in place. How much must that have cost Graham to admit that? And how sad is it that the person he feels safe with, the person he can actually say that too, isn't a person at all?

[+] Back with Bedelia, Hannibal discusses the pros and cons of friendship like a man trying to decide between a Ferrari and Lamborghini. (Completely random observation: his tie kinda looks like shiny dragon scales, from this angle.) Bedelia cleverly asserts that Hannibal wants to see if someone is "worthy" of his friendship.
Apparently, Hannibal makes this determination Hunger Games style, by throwing Will into the path of a(nother) serial killer.

[+] Poor Franklin dies, having failed to recognize not just one lion, but two. Poor thing. He was a decent guy-- far and away a better human being than either Budge or Lecter-- and yet he dies with no fanfare, no respect, cast as a joke by many in the audience. The only literary comfort I can give is that he never knew about the lions-- it all just went black.

[+] Tobias and Hannibal decide to have an impromptu sociopath smack-down. Budge apparently thinks he can lasso the good doctor. (Ride 'em, cannibals! X-x;; That was bad.) He gets in his fair share of punches, but Hannibal always had the upper hand. He picks up the distressing stag statue (with his pocket-square… you're gonna worry about fingerprints now!?) and proceeds to beat the life out of Budge. (Much like the writers beat the audience with the damn stag refrain. ^_~)

So, another dead body. On the other hand, Hannibal's harpsichord really does play beautifully. That type of instrument really has a uniquely lovely sound.

[+] Now Hannibal gives a real command performance. Slumped in apparent exhaustion, he looks up at Will's entrance with a weary and somewhat unfocused gaze. His face moves between expressions as if he's not sure what he's feeling-- an appearance of shock predominates. He lets him unkempt hair fall a little forward, and softly confides that he feared Will was dead. Will, almost hypnotized, is reeled right in. He sits on the desk next to Hannibal, less than a foot between their knees. He braces himself with a hand on the desk, and Hannibal leans forward, making a space that's theirs.

All together, now: OH WILLLLLLLL…

Hey, look at that-- I did it all in one go! Wheeeee!

Tags: fandom, hannibal, hannibal/will, horror, rewatch '13, slash

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