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Hanukkah Mice and Ravenstags

So, Hanukkah officially ended at sundown this evening, but I've always had a tendency towards being a little tardy. (That's being generous. "I set my clocks early, 'cause I know I'm always late" should probably be part of my theme song. If I had a theme song. ^_~)

Still, I come bearing ridiculous and hopefully confondingly cute X-Men: First Class fan art. Magneto is probably my favorite comics character, hands down. Erik is my pretty, angry Jewish boy, and I love him. So, here's a modern AU drawing, with a very short kid!fic drabble to go with:

Click to Enlarge!

Erik could care less about any stinky old school play, much less a version of The Nutcracker featuring _Emma Frost_ (the terror of Westchester Elementary!) as the Sugarplum Fairy. Bad enough that Erik's best friend is a first grader (practically a _baby_), but then Charles had to get all excited about the project and sign up… really, there are _limits_. Nobody, but nobody, is allowed to give Xavier a hard time about it, though-- unless its Erik himself. So, when Charles gets cast as a minor soldier in the Rat King's army and ends up near tears because Sebastian is relentless butt-head, Erik will not let it lie. Charles doesn't have to put up with that; he can just be the Hanukkah Mouse instead. He makes it up off the top of his head, because he can't stand it when his best friend is all sniffly and blinking those big blue eyes.

Charles is hugging the life out of him almost before he's finished the sentence, thrilled to be included in anything that's important to Erik. It's a good thing the kid is so damn cute, honestly. If anyone saw this, Lehnsherr would _never_ live it down. Anyone, that is, aside from his Mom. She's in the kitchen pretending to be busy and radiating that 'you two are adorable!' vibe in such a way that it can probably be seen from space.

It's just as well Erik doesn't know she's snapped a picture. It'll be a nice little memory to share years down the road, at the Lehnsherr-Xavier wedding.

And, in keeping with our theme of children, here's Itty Baby Will, making new (and decidedly ill-advised) friends:

Click to Enlarge!

I posted this on Ao3 about a week ago, but forgot to post it here. It's kind of plain, mostly because I did it with just regular office pens-- I start it during an incredibly boring meeting, finished at lunch. Then a woman from accounting leans over and says to me, "Oh, I love it! A cute little baby with Rudolph!" ... I didn't have the heart to tell her it was a shape-shifting cannibal and the bitty empath he's obsessed with. ^^;;

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to look at my work!

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