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"This is beyond my ken, my Barbie, and all my action figures"

Whew! Would you believe that today is the first day in two weeks that I've worked a typical-length shift during my regularly scheduled hours? I've had odd days off, thankfully, but we also had LC (little cousin) fly in to visit on the 22nd. We put him on the plane back to Florida yesterday afternoon: two mojitos, one bottle of absinthe*, three boxes of sugar cubes, one cross-bow hole in the basement wall, seven boxes of pizza and one flaming kitchen sink later. I love that kid dearly-- we've patched up a lot of the complicated/hard feelings that we (meaning LC, Sam, the girls and I) were dealing with back in 2010-- but he's as zany as ever. I wouldn't change him, but he does take some looking after.

*NECESSARY DISCLAIMER: Not "real" Absinthe-- it's that Lucid stuff that sells legally in the States.

Overall, this Christmas was one of the best I'd had in years. The Grinch Lady Catherine De Bourgh My grandmother still indulged in her now typical ban on Christmas while, of course, still expecting us all to show up. This year, by brother and I launched a top-secret countermeasure, in which we raided the dollar bins at Michael's and Dollar General. We spent maybe fifteen bucks total (some of that in gift cards) and, at the end, we had a tiny, wrapped box for everyone required to attend. My grandmother refused to decorate or cook (or let anyone help her accomplish the aforementioned), so I borrowed a tiny desktop tree from a friend at work, and Sam made a casserole, and we literally brought the party, whether she liked it or not. The gifts were mostly silly stuff-- stickers, stamps, beads, tiny dragons, single-cup packs of Starbucks and Kool-Aid-- but at least everyone had something to open, and something to do aside from stare at the bare walls. It was especially important that the kids have something. All the grandkids are grown, but we've got an entirely new generation springing up, which still remains innocent to much of the politicking and general seething resentment that makes up my extended family. I'd like to keep it that way as long as possible.

Did it fix everything? No, they were only material things, after all. My grandmother was spitting mad, and not in a position to directly state way (that would involve acknowledging that she's being deliberately unpleasant), so I'm sure we'll end up paying for it somewhere down the road. But my grandfather pulled me aside, thanked me for "making sure Santa didn't get lost" and told me, "You done good, kid." To be perfectly honest, it was worth it just for that-- I'd have spent thirty times as much just to see him smile like that.

Sam, LC and I brought the girls home and popped in Pacific Rim. Then when the sun had set and the stars were brilliantly visible in the night sky, they took me outside and showed me the backyard telescope they'd gone in on as my present. I was completely floored-- still am! It was such a sweet and amazing gesture, especially since it's something I've always wanted, but never would have bought by myself. It took two nights of practicing, reading and playing with it but by Friday night, I was able to point it at Jupiter and see not only the faint pink/orange orb itself, but also the four Galilean moons. They hung there in the black, silent and serene cogs an almost-perfect mechanism of creation. Of course, I cried. X_x;;; It was very beautiful, though-- and I am very, very excited about learning to find other objects!

I hope everyone else had an amazing Christmas/holiday-- all of my friends deserved that, and so much more. In the next couple of days, I hope to post some distressingly late Christmas presents for friends/fandom. We'll start with Amber (aka minttown1):

Abigail Hobbs Teaches Feminist Theory 101
Click to Enlarge!

Basically inspired by all the times I've wished Abigail's story could have ended differently. I realize the show is called Hannibal, but it's just not fair to have such a strong, subversive female character end like that. Part of me still irrationally hopes her story isn't over. ^^;;;

Leigh-darling, I promise I'm working on your 'Roti' fic! Unfortunately, every time I even think about the new Season 2 promo poster, I have a reaction of such profound and irrational despair that I cannot even articulate it in words. It looks something like this:

I work a short day tomorrow, and then I'm off New Year's day. Everyone stay safe, happy, and enjoy the 'tail end' of the Year of the Snake. *rimshot* ^_~

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