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Out Goes the Snake, In Comes the Horse

But it is one extremely cold horse, I don't mind telling you. With the wind chill taken into consideration, it feels around about -24 degrees fahrenheit-- it's roughly the same temperature on Mars.*

Luckily, we missed the snow and ice-rain the weather people were threatening over the weekend. Schools were still closed due to the cold-- and they've already announced closures for tomorrow. We're just not used to it around here. My neighborhood lost power for about seven hours on Friday, which saw every single member of my household piled into the same bed at about three in the morning. They eventually got it fixed (someone hit a local tower), and I'm glad it happened before this radical, glacial drop. X_x;;

At any rate, I've finally gotten together the 'art' I've been threatening to post. ^_~

First, a very late Christmas/New Years to my Hannibal Rewatch crew:

I Like You Like An Arsonist (Because You Are My Perfect Match)
Click to Enlarge!

I've seen a number of prompts on the Hannibal Kink Meme involving the 'good' doctor grooming/adopting baby!Will. It's wrong, but I finally succumbed to the temptation to draw my take. I was trying to give an impression of the young, freshly-minted serial killer/med student we see at the end of Hannibal Rising. And, of course, bitty barefoot bayou Will. (Say _that_ five times fast!) Inevitably, this would descend into an almost Leopold-and-Loeb partnership and obsession. I actually have a few fix ideas for this scribbled down. G-d help me if I ever write it. (<--- is so going to Hell already) Title cribbed from a song of the same name, by Paris Texas.

And, on a much more cheerful note:

Two Little Boys
Click to Enlarge!

A shamelessly self-serving illustration for my Charles/Erik fic, Love Like Winter. It's a ridiculous Fantasy pastiche X-Men AU, which I've been blocked on since last April, but it really is one of my favorites to write. I pretty much did this as a way to relax and stop fretting about my writer's block-- I still think about this story a lot, and I have every intention of continuing (hopefully before DoFP comes out).

As always, I appreciate you taking the time to look at my work. Any thoughts, comments, and/or left-over candy-canes would be very much appreciated.

I hope all my friends on the East Coast and in the Midwest are staying as warm as possible! Please drive carefully, and just stay safe in general. *hugs*


*Sans wind-chill on the Red Planet, I grant you. I'd hate to think what it feels like. Hopefully all the little green men and women have their mittens. ^_~

Tags: art-post, charles/erik, fanart, first-class, hannibal, hannibal/will, personal, slash, x-men

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