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Hannibal 2x01: /whose skin is this design/

WARNING: Absolutely no beta, and posted while still on the post-premiere high.

Okay… less than an hour left to go! *squeals and chews her nails at the same time* This is going to be ridiculous. A check of the DVR shows that the title for tonight's episode is "Kaiseki" harkening, one assumes, back to Hannibal's relationship with Lady Murasaki? Interesting word-choice. Unless I'm mistaken (which could be, I don't have the kanji to definitively pin down the meaning, only the phonetic romanization), kaiseki is the study of geometry. There may be a more obscure term Fuller is using that I'm missing. But, let's let Meredith bore you with some linguistics* have some fun!

A lot of Japanese humor is based on rhymes and word-play. So, kaiseki is 'geometry'; kaseki is 'fossil'. Changing 'seki' to 'sei' gives you the word 'life'. When I first saw the episode title, I thought it read kasei-- "Mars", or "the force of a fire".

Basically, all of this means: Ooooooohhhhhh Wiiiiiiilllllll. ^_~
EDIT: Yes, I was wrong. ^_^

And, speaking of Mars, I wonder what Hannibal's astrological sign is. ;-) That would be a trip. Whatever it is, I know his horoscope reads, "Congratulations, today you will continue to excel in your one true calling-- being a complete and irredeemable bastard. Also, avoid salads. (Not that the latter will be hard.)".

Alright, enough blather.

Let's do this.

Last time, on Hannibal: Jack Crawford is forceful about getting what he wants and only feels bad about the consequences later. Hannibal likes to eat people; Bedelia may or may not know this, but she certainly seems to know something. Someone needs to found PETOWG (People for the Ethical Treatment of Will Graham). And, for good measure…. ohhhhh will…..

Gratuitous and gory fight scene between Hannibal, which I at first assume is a dream of sort. I'm all, "Really, Brian?". But no! It's actually a flash forward. Tell you one thing, this show isn't afraid to sock punches and take risks.

Also, Hannibal proves Meredith wrong with his explanation of kaiseki. Makes sense, though-- the artful arrangement of shapes in food, ect. So, no points for me. *sad panda*

Jack says he feels guilty about eating 'art'. Hannibal, honestly and amusedly says he never feels guilty about eating anything. (INCLUDING YOUR SOUL.) Haha, Jack, I just want you to know that someday, you are going to feel guilty about all of this and more.

Hey, look at Hannibal's kind of conservative color palette. Granted, it's shadowy, but I don't see any plaid. Is that shirt lilac? … Hannibal is so badass, he'll just eat anyone who hints at hetero-normative color stereotypes.

I take it back, it is plaid. At least it's muted?

Yay, for Lady Murasaki references!

Jack feels guilty… that he's going to be tried in the court of public FBI opinion. Always comes back to you, doesn't it, darling?

Cut to Will, happily fly-fishing. NO HAPPINESS, NOT PERMITTED. So, our friend the Nightmare Stag shows up, to lay down some order. Turns out, Will is really in a box, in Chilton's hospital and this is unequivocal proof that there is no g-d. Seriously, Chilton? You couldn't take some time off to recover from almost being gutted like a fish? *snotty, officious tone* Nope, have to hurry up. I have great insurance that will pay for weeks of rehab, but I'm absolutely breathless to begin torturing Will Graham!

*points and laughs at Chilton* Will may be in the box, but your aim still sucks, and you don't even have enough wit to adequately respond to playground taunts.

Wendigo!Hannibal has *really* sharp, thin shoulders. I'm just saying, it's one area where Jack has him beat.

Haha, Alana filed a report against Jack. First decent action I've seen out of her. totally not bitter about Abigail… natch Oh, no, wait, Alana wants to soft-ball this crap. (She must have been hanging out with Chilton.) Scary, sharp-jowled blond lady would like all of this to go away.
Oh, sugar, I just bet you do.

Look it's beaver body season.

What is UP with Hannibal and Bedelia? Hannibal misses Will… *twelve-year old squealing* And Will is "his friend". I think that's the most vulnerable we've seen him… ever. Then again, it may all just be an act. (Incidentally, that is my favorite tie of Lecter's-- the copper and peacock blue.)

"My inner voice sounds like you"-- jesus g-d, these two are having prison phone-sex, without the phone. Hannibal proves he can still spout fortune-cookie nonsense with the best of them. No eye-fucking through the bars!

BEVERLY. Ah, my beautiful Beverly, Queen of Forensics. Also one of the few people who've put their fingers that close to Hannibal's mouth and lived to tell the tale.
Aw, poor Hannibal is being inconvenienced 'cause the FBI needs his wardrobe. Little does he know, Amber and I are gonna break in later and smear McDonald's french-fry grease all over them, too. ^_~

Hannibal guilt-trips Beverly, and she makes a valiant effort to guilt-trip him back. Would have worked on anyone else. And, because we haven't had enough irony in our diet, Hannibal gets to play Will Graham in "Resin-Corpse Waterfall." It's so fun to be the understudy!

(Seriously, how incestuous/onanistic/narcissistic is it that Hannibal wants to crawl inside Will and be him? He wants to be so much closer than Will ever was to Garrett Jacob Hobbs.)

We've had some weird fluctuations in interpersonal power during Hannibal's sessions with Bedelia, but now I feel like we're back on a more even keel. Hannibal still has the upper hand, no matter how much she tries to reign him in. Hmm.

Awwww… Winston wants his daddy back.

Is Alana made of water, smoke, or snakes in Will's mind? It's hard to tell. Apparently, he's got a dinner-date with the Wendigo.

Oh, shocker, Hannibal has Chilton under his thumb, and Chilton thinks he's being a helpful little weasel. Also, Fredrick, using metaphors revolving around heavy petting in college? Please, you've never been _near_ a panty-girdle. *eyeroll*

"Hannibal, Hannibal, Hannibal", is Will's refrain, according to Chilton. Lecter preens, files that away for later, and once again tells the truth disguised as a joke.

Oh, poor subway-riding college-age boy in his plaid pj bottoms is going to die, all because he has "nice skin". The dangers of falling for our image-conscious, beauty-obsessed society CLEARLY ILLUSTRATED. ;-)

I've missed you, Jimmy Price. If I have one complaint about this episode, it's the lack of dialogue from our Quiz-Show kid. Though I do love the look on his face while Zeller exposits on their current killer.

Once again, Beverly proves she is not afraid to speak the truth… oddly enough, she's one of the few people on this show who doesn't do it to be mean. The scary thing is, as bad as it is for Will, continuing to work these cases may be the only thing that keeps him sane while in Fredrick's Evil Clutches(tm) prison. X_x;;

Ew, Hannibal. Whatever you're doing with that tube is GROSS OH WAIT THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE DOING STOP.

I think Winston should be Will's defense lawyer. (And yes, Jack, Winston blames you.)

Jack, just let Will have his little mental fly-fishing vacation-- do you have to ruin everything? THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.

I seriously have no coherent words for Hannibal sitting alone in his office missing Will airhq;eklekfpwprnna;snsba!!!!

Also, thank you, show. I did not have enough body-horror issues from the first season. WTF!?

… I think I need to lie down. *wibbles*

*You my deep, sincere, and complete apologies if at any point talking about this stuff makes me sound like a pretentious ass. -_-'''

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