November 6th, 2004


FIC: Falling is Like This 1/1 [Star Wars, P/A, PG-13]

I'm insane.
Yes, I know you knew that... just hush.

Honestly, I see a-- what, barely two-minutes long?-- trailer, and suddenly Carol (my muse) cames barging in with a basket full of bunnies and a smile. X_x

So, as usual, I first have to thank you for bothering to take a look at this piece. Considering the length of time between my SW fics (the last one was in April, I think), I'm very hesitant about the quality of this. It may have something of a darker tone but, honestly, after seeing that trailer, I think it was unavoidable. The title was originally going to be 'Breathing Lessons', but then I realized that was the title I gave Leigh for her wonderful Hawk/BJ piece. I think I actually like this title better. The pairing is P/A. So surprising, I know. ^^; I don't think of Padme as a helpless person at all-- she's amazingly strong and determined-- and I hope this piece doesn't come through as showing her as 'weak'. Instead, I wanted to write about the traps we set for ourselves. And who can resist the comment she made in AOTC-- 'it would destroy us'?

I'll shut up now. I hope you enjoy the piece-- if I could bother you to take a few moments to comment, I would be forever in your debt.

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Feedback makes the world go 'round. ^_^

*fights off further bunnies, stubbornly ignoring the fact that Anakin is reading the Necromonicon. (Bad Lovecraft! No cookie!)*