March 15th, 2005


'She didn't even care enough to cut off my head or set me on fire.'

I didn't have any exams on Monday, and I didn't have any today. So what did I do with my glorious, unexpected chunks of free time? I slept. ^^;; Well, that, and I went over to Sam's so we could watch Battlestar, SG-1 and some 'documentary' on the alien agenda. (Supposedly they're interbreeding with us to create a hybrid race. ... And this is news? ^_~) Last week's Battlestar was awesome. I love Starbuck more and more with every episode. Also, Amber was right-- the President was so hitting on Kara. ^__^

We're not even going to talk about that disgusting, smoking pile of shit they passed off as SG-1. My show is dead. *mourns*

And now it's time for a late (as usual) finale to Fic Author Appreciation Week.

Tabaqui writes Spander. Absolutely awesome, ethereal, bone-deep good Spander. She has a particular fondness for working fairy tales and legends into her stories (you can see why I love her so much), as well as acknowledging Xander's 'soldier' and 'hyena' personalities. Her prose is enchanting, and the S/X love seems so natural that it's scary. I heartily recommend her epic 'Changes', with the warning that once you start reading, you might not be able to stop. It's one hell of a ride-- angsty, romantic, and very worth it. If you're looking for something shorter, her 'And Ice For Your Wounded Heart' has an wonderfully believable Xander/Spike/Dru plot, and her 'Compass Rose' is a truly warming 'Spike turns Xander' type fic. Please don't limit yourself to just those pieces, though-- everything Tabaqui writes has a unique flair to it that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Sideburns is a wonderful weaver of plots for both SG-1 and The Sentinel. (Her Sentinel slash is under the name Alyjude) Her understanding of the dynamics of friendship-leading-to-romance, as well has her appreciation for points TPTB often ignore, make for awesome reading. She writes prolifically-- always a bonus!-- and is equally talented at epics and short pieces. In particular, I enjoy her 'Falling to Heaven' (SG-1) and 'Reflections of You', which is an awesome quantum mirror story. Make sure to sample a little bit of everything-- you won't be disappointed.

*stretches* Well, I guess I can't put off studying any longer. @_@ The rest of my week looks like this:
Wednesday- 8am Anthropology Exam (don't even have to leave the bloody house-- it's online! v. cool.)
Thursday- Noon study session for Archaeoastronomy-- take-home exam due at 1:30pm.
Friday- 8am Women in European History Exam. (have to go downtown for this one. *sigh* but after that, I'm free! ^___^)

Oh! I also saw the BtVS episode 'Lover's Walk' yesterday. Drunken!Spike! *squeals madly* There were so many awesome lines, and watching Joyce try to comfort Spike was just so... bizarre. Also, Spike kidnapped Xander and put him on a bed. (So, it's not for reasons one would like, but still. I can work with this. ^_~)
*dizzy with Spike!Love*