April 17th, 2005


Ohio: "Actively and Zealously Pursuing Stupidity"

My state is populated by a vast quantity of idiots.

Back in November, Ohio passed the most comprehensive gay-marriage ban of all eleven states engaging in this act of wanton bigotry. (Me? Opinionated..? Nah. ^^;;) According to Ohio's Issue One, there are to be no civil unions for homosexuals, no domestic partnerships, no nothing. It even denied rights to unmarried heterosexuals. That's how determined voters in favor of this act were to define Ohio homosexuals as second class citizens.

Fundamentalist Christians across the state celebrated the damn thing. Me? I was crying in the bathroom.

Recently, a man in Warren County (oh, that's where I live!) got it in his head to beat his live in girlfriend. Prior to November, this poor girl would be protected by domestic abuse laws. Now? She has no access to this protection under Issue One.

Now Ohioans are upset.
[sarcasm]Of course, it doesn't matter if we're denying rights to homosexuals, but as soon as heterosexuals are suffering... well. That is just intolerable. [/sarcasm] *disgusted*

Full Story Here, From 365Gay.Com

I have the utmost sympathy for the woman in question. I feel sorry that she can not get the protection she needs. I feel very strongly about protection from domestic abuse. I don't hate heterosexuals (life would be hard if I did!)-- just the idiots who want to deny me my rights. So, this is what I have to say to all the pro-Issue One voters who now have their panties in a bunch:

You guys voted this piece of crap in. Cry about it, why don't you? You were so determined to be stupid bigots that you cut off your nose despite your face. You made your beds, now lie in it.

*sigh* I'd move to the Netherlands, but I don't speak Dutch. ^^; Guess it's Canada-bound for me. ^_~

*dances to the imperial march*

Guess who has tickets for the 1:30pm showing of Star Wars: Episode III on opening day?
If you guessed one Meredith Bronwen Mallory, then-- yup, that's for damn sure! *does a little dance* Whooo hooo! Sam, the girls* and I are all set and scheduled for viewing. We're even going to the Springdale theater-- stadium seating, huge theater... ^___^

Now all I have to do is put up with the wait. *whimper*

*still dancing*

*Yes, I realize opening day falls on a Thursday, and that 1:30pm is during school time. But damn it, these girls have missed less than three days all said, and we think school should be canceled then, anyway. ^_~ Thou shalt keep the opening day of SW holy, baby. ^^;; So Sam and I are bad role models. X_x
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