May 24th, 2005


[fic]A Key to Something, Somewhere 1/1 (Vader/Padme)

Author's Notes: As always, I must first thank you all for taking the time to look at my story. If I could trouble you just a bit more to comment when you're finished reading, I'd deeply appreciate it. Part of me is sort of afraid this sucks, but.. nothing ventured, nothing gained. ^^; Carol's finally come back to the SW galaxy, though it'd be nice if she'd help me _finish_ something, instead of giving me a new piece. This one is finished, though-- pretty much just a one shot, what-if piece. It runs off the assumption that, at the end of ROTS, it might have been a decoy we saw, instead of actually being Padme. (Yes, I'm in denial. Hush. ^_~) This is very much a Vader/Padme piece, though it has a happy ending. Sort of. Well, not a happy ending for _everybody_. *rolls eyes at herself* I do hope you enjoy!

Without further adodo, may I present...

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