July 30th, 2005


Firefly 1.02-- "I don't wish to alarm anyone..." (+BSG)

It's pretty much been parade of slow, lazy summer days this past week. I did my last tutoring session with the Takamotos-- we pretty much did a little review and played games, and the kids hugged me goodbye, which was sweet. I'm still incredibly frustrated with my muse, who won't let me write despite the fact she's brought me several bunnies, including a BtVS/Firefly crossover with Spander. X_x

Grandparents' anniversary is on the 3rd, so we'll probably be driving up on Monday. I'm looking forward to seeing them, actually, but not to seeing my extended family. Pooh. My *cough cough* 29th*cough, cough, wink, cough* will be on the 8th... summer break is half over. Where did it go?

I don't know. But one thing I do know is this: I <3 Wash.

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I've totally lost all interest in SG-1. I only watched this episode for the Jack and Daniel interaction, but really, the show has been going downhill since late season four. Now it just... sucks. It's depressing, how the close friendship between Jack and Daniel has been destroyed, and how Sammy-kins character has been dragged through the mud. *le sigh*

*bounces* So cool!

It's not absolutely official yet, but astronomers have found an object twice the size of Pluto, beyond our ninth planet. Isn't that cool? The object is made of frozen methane, much like Pluto, and doesn't seem to fit in with the Kuiper Belt that lies outside out solar system. *bounce*

The media has been calling it the tenth planet, but scientists are still arguing over what it is, and what the definition of 'planet' should be. *rolls eyes* If it is a planet, we may have to add two other objects in as planets, too.

*bounces* I'm such a dork, but this makes me so excited. Whee!
who thinks they should name the new planet Yuggoth, but she reads too much Lovecraft, and no one asked her. ^_~