August 5th, 2005


Firefly 1.03: "Did he just go crazy and fall down?"

Survived the Evil Family Dinner of Doom (just barely) and am safely home in boring (but relative-free!) Ohio. I owe a great big thank-you to everyone who sent support just before I ventured into the lion's den. ^_~

And, obviously, good things come to those who wait, 'cause...

Collapse )

The more I see Firefly, the more I want to write my little Spander-bunny crossover. Hell, if I could write at all, that'd be great. I pounded out about two paragraphs of 'From Where Ever I Am To You' and then... pft. *kicks muse*

I'm saving BSG for tomorrow, mostly because I'm kinda tired, and I'm not up to watching the Chief be mean to Sharon right now.
Oyasumi nasai,