August 19th, 2005


Firefly 1.05:"Captain, can I have some money to buy a slinky dress?"

And yay for my weekly dose of Firefly! Waiting for Friday is something of a drag-- I have birthday money, and am terribly tempted to just buy the series on DVD. But then I'd watch it all in one go and have nothing to tide me over 'til the movie. Decisions, decisions.

I've managed to rope Sam into Firefly, surprisingly enough. He's frightfully embarrassed to have anything to do with the Whedon-verse, simply out of his distain for BtVS. Kaylee, however, has really turned his head, and even beaten out Boomer as his girl-of-the-desktop-wallpaper. ^^; The man has no taste-- Kaylee is awesome, but.. beating Boomer? *Please*.


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