August 29th, 2005


Aliens, Future-Meddling, and Evil Cylon Babies

The season finale of The 4400 was on last night (and boy did it ever just line up the ass and kick it in a seriously awesome manner!), and now I'm going to have to wait until next June to find out what happens next. *pouts* Additionally, there's no BSG this week, either. *hugs her remaining Firefly tight* There's so little television I can actually stand...

To amuse myself whilst I'm waiting, I think I'll make a few predictions as to the direction these shows are going in. These are not meant to be taken seriously in any way. If you do, and it breaks your brain, I disclaim any and all responsiblity. ^_~ They contain sex, silliness, bashing of certain characters, and more sex. Also, there are massive spoilers in here, assuming you can pick them out of all my silliness.

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Told you I wasn't being serious. ^_~ They're probably not even funny. *posts anyway, 'cause she's a doink*