September 4th, 2005


Firefly 1.07: "Some People Juggle Geese"

LJ garbled this the last time I posted. Trying once again...

Feeling much better now. *grins* Sleeping half the day away, coupled with liberal doses of chicken soup seems to really have helped. I was woken up around eight by Sam letting himself and the girls in-- he brought some light snack foods, Firefly and some interesting news. My three godbrothers (Jon, Chris, and Ben) are in town this week-- I haven't seen them in at least five years-- and we're all going to get together tomorrow evening. Should prove interesting.
(yeah, I have godbrothers. My birth-dad was catholic, my mom is lapsed baptist, my great aunt is jewish... it's all a mess, really. ^^;;;)

Anyway, back to the highlight of my day...

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getting more and more tempted on those DVDs, 'cause Sci Fi won't have shown the whole series before Serenity comes out.