December 17th, 2005


Lament of the Slasher

*chants* I will not read Clark/Lex fic, I will not read Clark/Lex fic....

No, really, I won't. I need another fandom like I need several rabid iguanas to take up residence in my living room. I can't afford the DVDs. Last time I just 'dabbled' in a pairing, I ended up with a huge Spander monkey on my back. The last thing I need is a little Clex monster following me home.

So, this is me, going to bed, and NOT reading any Clex. *is strong*
I wouldn't know where to start, anyway...
who used to watch Lois and Clark, so she'd probably try to work Smallville canon in with that, and then the world would explode, so... yeah.