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Happy Birthday, Leigh!

Today is the anniversary of the day the wonderful, pithy, and ever brilliant Leigh (aka gamesiplay) began gracing this mortal sphere in her current incarnation. A glorious day indeed, for she is a talented writer, literary critic, historian, stage aficionado, Champion of Dogs, and all around great friend. *hugs tight* Happy Birthday, my dear-- I hope you have an awesome day. You deserve all that, and more.

I am still, still, still having shitty luck a) writing in general and b)writing the 'Roti' fic in particular. So, instead, I humbly offer some fan "art" for our favorite special-agent-pretty-empathy-puppy-person, Will Graham:

Winston and Will: "I've Been Appointed As Your Defense"
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Water color pencils, chalk ink and india ink on sketch paper

I'm actually really happy with the way both of them turned out. Winston looks much more animated than my animals usually turn out, and I managed to get Will's stubble in there without it looking ridiculous. Yes, I realize he looks a little bishounen but, lets face it, if this Hannibal were a manga, it'd be the yaoi kind sold on the top shelf in a sealed plastic sleeve. ^_~ The blue-grey wash I did for the background did not turn out quite so well, but I guess you can't have everything. As for why Will is barefoot... well, like Joss Whedon, I firmly believe that some actors/actresses are just more attractive when they're barefoot. *sweatdrop*

Winston should totally be Will's defense lawyer. He's the only one (aside from Hannibal X_x') who knows our boy is innocent.

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