January 19th, 2006


[fic] The Body in Falling Stars 1/1 (Smallville; Clark/Lex)

Author's Notes: Wow, I'm actually really nervous about posting this. ^^; You'd think that, with all the new fandoms I've been dabbling in, I'd get over this, but... *blush* Yeah, this is my very first Smallville fic. The pairing is Clark/Lex (is there any other pairing? ^_~), and it's kind of weird, which seems to be my unifying theme. A big, huge thanks and chocolate Ronons go to Amber (minttown1), who betaed this even though she's not in the fandom, and made me use Earth grammar instead of my own alien version. ^_~

And I have to thank you guys for bothering to read this. I hope I can bother you a bit more to comment-- feedback makes me a very happy girl. Please be gentle, though; it's my first time. *dirty wink*

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