April 21st, 2006


Silent Hill! *hearts*

Silent Hill-- despite being a remake of a Japanese movie based on a Japanese video game-- is a completely, utterly awesome and totally demonic movie. They kept Yamaoka Akira's awesome score, and I think I saw his name listed as a consultant, too. This was a horror movie unlike any I've seen in a long time, with images and demons used in ways that were actually *new*. As a pretty jaded horror fan, I can tell you that's pretty impressive. The girl was creepy, the atmosphere was disquieting, and movie kept me on my toes. I loved it!

Amber, you have to go see this as soon as possible! It's kind of gross, but it's video-game gore-- obviously not real-- so it didn't really bother me.

*hearts creepy little girls and demonic japanese stories*
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