December 3rd, 2006


Today's theme is Alien!Sex

I thought that might get your attention. ^_~

Now, then. Meredith has three take-home exams to do. One is a three-prompt piece, due on Wednesday at 4:00 pm. The other two are one page and five pages respectively, both due on Thursday at noon. She's got pressing plans on Monday, which won't leave room for homework. So that's one day out the window.
Obviously, she needs to get to work. So, what has she been doing?

Reading Doctor Who fanfiction. Specifically, Nine/Rose and Ten/Rose. (Though I have a surprisingly big soft spot for the 9th Doctor. The tenth is a cute puckish schoolboy, but there's something very... magnetic about Nine.) It's been ages since I've had a real het 'ship, but I just love their relationship. I've only seen the first two episodes, plus "Fear Her" (I think? The Telly Ep, anyway) and "The Satan Pit" from season two. It was the tail end of "Fear Her" that reeled me in-- thank god for BBC America, is all I have to say. Though waiting a week for a new ep when I know there's more is driving me crazy. Have already put Doctor Who, Season One on my Christmas list.

BBC America also carries the original series, which is kind of painful to watch at times, but also kind of fun. I want Four's scarf. And Nine's coat.

I adore Rose, really I do. Doctors Nine and Ten are squishable. Four... needs a haircut.

Tsk, tsk, Mere. Not another fandom.

But, in the interest of encouraging others to be as not-productive as I am, I have some recs:

First: Disheveled by Rabid1st. Read it and tell me that's not absolutely the most appropriate title ever. It's Ten/Rose, with some Nine/Rose, and it's still inprogress. Before you back away from the WiP, I should tell you that there's thirteen chapters to keep you busy while you wait. Delicious. Great plot, spot-on characters, and alien!sex. The best alien!sex I've read in a while. I don't even like het, and I thought it was fun. That should tell you something. Rabid1st is brilliant. Rose and her Doctor may love each other more than anything, but there's more than an age difference between them-- there's a war, alien cultures, human hang-ups, and other unexpected things to get in the way.

Also: moonspinner's Through A Mirror Darkly and the sequel, Kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope is unfinished, but she's working on it, and you've got plenty to enjoy while you wait for the next part. Leia_N takes the Jedi Order, not to mention our beloved Anakin and Padme, into a very convincing alternate reality. The situations are different, but the characters are very much themselves. Her ideas about the Jedi are interesting and innovative. Scary un-suited Vader, Padme (sort of) in the Jedi Order, and the Emperor mucking about with the Sith. An fascinating and gothic recipe for adventure. Go read it, now.

And just so I don't get slash withdrawal, I'll also rec:

Identical by Lanning Cook. Clex, wandering off into AU somewhere in the second season, and thus saving us from soul-crushing character-rape and Lexana. (*kills Lexana with a fork*) In fact, Lana is barely in the fic at all, which is refreshing, considering the current flavor of the show. But enough about how much I hate Lana. The Clex is dedicated, loving, and wonderfully illustrated. It's the strong friendship (and more!) we all know they're capable of. Plus, you will totally believe Lionel's antics in this. Not OOC in the least. I also like the background she develops for Lex's mom. Beautiful story about making your own destiny.


From Mars, With Love by Victoria Wayne. J'onn/Wally (Martian Manhunter/The Flash) But wait, it works! It really, truly does. Everyone is so very in-character, most especially Batman, who seems to be Victoria's forte. But her Wally is delightful, and I can just hear Michael Rosenbaum's voice; her J'onn is convincing and well, alien. 'Cause today's theme seems to be alien!sex. X_x;; J'onn has gone for eons without connection as Martian's understand it-- how will he and Wally cope when they find themselves stumbling into a bond?

then there's

A Beautiful, Untitled Post-Serenity Fic written for me by my beloved and insanely talented Nebula. It's Kaylee/Inara, such a wonderful tapesty of a single moment, it makes you want to sit still and savor it. There really aren't words. Just read it. Now, damnit. ^_~

Yeah, Carol is a total fandom 'ho. Beautiful dark-haired cylons, pretty grease monkeys, redheaded farmer's wives, Nubian queens, vigilante acrobats, Time Lords and their captivating companions-- she's not picky. Oish.