May 11th, 2007


they said, "you better run through the jungle..."

Significant events in the last week, in no particular order-- mostly because it's Friday, and Meredith's brain has forgotten what 'linear' means. ^_^

  • Saw Spiderman III last weekend. Definitely some dorky moments, and a few horrible scene choices, but Collapse )
    (Is it just me, or is MJ a 'ho? Normally, I like Kirstin Dunst, but... no, Mary Jane inspires vague loathing from me. I guess she seems to me like one of those girls who is adored and venerated for no good reason. I mean, my god, this movie is the first time she actually made an attempt to save herself! I'll never hate her as much as Lana Lang-- words can not describe how much I hate Lana Lang-- but... yeah. Come to think of it, I wasn't impressed with Gwen either. Spiderman needs young female characters who don't suck.)
  • On the wall in the second floor bathroom in the English and Philosophy building, someone wrote now is the only thing that is real. To which someone else, in bold red pen, replied, yesterday was real, and we have the bruises to prove it. Bathroom grafiti is a really bizarre window into the collective subconcious.
  • My job at the library is working out very well-- it mostly consists of checking records to figure out which new books we haven't bought yet, and then purchasing them, usually in German or Greek. X_x;;; 'Academy' is not spelled with a 'k', I don't care what language you're speaking! ^_~ (Seriously, it's nice, almost soothing work.)
  • I just finished reading Peter Straub and Stephen King's The Black House (for the third time) and have moved on to Straub's lost boy lost girl. Straub without King is somewhat headache inducing. It's good... but choppy, somehow.
  • I have Margaret Atwood's new Tents (as Leigh pointed out, this is actually The Tent. ^^;;; I suck. Pay attention, Meredith!), but I am saving it for the weekend when I can really savor it.

Once more into the breech, my friends! ^_^