May 14th, 2007


Start Your Monday With a Sword-fight!

Monday again. Like a certain orange-and-black striped cat, I harbor an inherent suspicion against Mondays which seem, on the whole, to be almost invariably evil and to, at times, even beat up other days of the week and cut in line.
... Okay, so they don't really. But it seems like it! *sticks out tongue at Monday*

Only only two more weeks and then exams. That's three weeks only someone finally hands me my diploma. I can make it, right? Right?

Has anyone else had to read John Rawles Law of Peoples for a philosophy course? I need to commiserate regarding the intense evil of this book, and political philosophy in general. X_x;;;;

On the bright side, 28 Weeks Later is out. I can't wait to see it, even though I've heard tell that it's very gory. I can't imagine it's gory on the scale of the Hills Have Eyes remake, though, and as long as it doesn't reach that level, I'll be okay. And it's British!Zombies. Who could ask for anything more?
(Actually, I can-- the 9th Doctor and Rose, fighting British!Zombies. ^__^)

Also, word on the street is that Smallville's Lana Lang will Collapse )

Have a nice day, ladies! May your Mondays be relatively inoffensive, or at least easily defeated! ^_^