April 13th, 2008


That's not the light at the end of the tunnel-- that's an oncoming train. ^_^

And here we are again. ^__^ I feel terrible that I haven't been able to keep up with my friends, and yet I come over here and bitch about my life. *sigh* Frankly, I hope I go back to having no life in RL-- all this drama is exhausting.

I've been poking around looking for jobs since Easter, despite the fact I don't want to leave Puji alone with 'my kids'. (I do know they aren't *my* kids, per say, but when you spend forty hours a week with a child, you get a little attached. ^__^) Then Puji dropped a bomb. She turned in her two weeks notice because, she says, she's tired of being the victim! I managed to make all the right sympathetic noises-- and, to be fair, Lichfield treats absolutely everyone like shit-- and found out that the director had sworn her to secrecy, but she was telling me because I'm her 'closest friend'. X_x;; So Puji's last day is going to be this coming Tuesday, and none of the parents know. The director (aka Boss Lady) doesn't want the parents to find out until the last possible moment, because Puji will be the fifth teacher to quit since January. (If that doesn't sum up how things are at Lichfield, I don't know what does.)

I found all this out last Friday, shortly after Joy and Puji had another arguement about Joy's daughter, Seline. (Puji left a *huge* gash on Seline's arm with her finger nail, ostensibly inflicted on accident while trying to make Seline sit time-out in her cubby). Puji told Joy, in a moment of anger, that she was glad she was almost done with Joy since she's quiting and moving back to India. So, for about a week, Joy and I were the only ones who knew Puji had quit.
"By all rights," Joy said, "they should move you up to lead teacher, and hire a new assistant. You've been doing the lead's job since you started in there, anyway."
"They won't give it to me," I said, because I should have known that the first time I applied for the position. Boss Lady and I had already gone head to head a few times, not to mention the fact our new Assistant Director didn't seem too crazy about me. Why should they give me the lead when I was already doing the job-- for much less pay-- and was sure to make whomever they hired in look good? I know all this sounds crazy, because Lichfield is (at least in theory) a school, and it should be about what's best for the children. In reality, its all about politics, ass-kissing, and power games. I told Joy I wasn't going to stick around for them to pass me over again when I'm one of the two most qualified and educated people in the building. (I know that sounds immodest, but it's not hard-- I'm one of only two people in the preschool/infant wing to have a college degree. ^^;) Now, at least, I knew that I could try to find a job, turn in my two weeks when I *did* find one, and know that I wouldn't be leaving Seline, Gideon, and my kids at Puji's mercy. I will miss my kids (we're the Blue Class, btw) like hell, but-- as both my mom, brother and Joy have pointed out-- I've been miserable at Lichfield since day one. I've been lied to by the management from day one.
I need to get out.

I just needed a job first. Let cooler heads prevail, be responsible, play it safe, all that rot.

And then we had a staff meeting.

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