April 28th, 2008


Between One Moment and the Next

So here I am at the end of my two weeks: finished, kind of hollow, and woefully unemployed. -_-;;; I've got money in the bank, and I still get one more paycheck from Lichfield so, while I need to find a job, I have a week or so to look without getting into trouble. I seriously thought I was going to have a job before the two weeks ended-- I was being considered by this Japanese-Korean toy company, and I felt really confident about it... until I met with the head manager. I didn't feel like the interview went well, and she must have felt the same. The next day, I got one of those lovely 'you're just not a good match for us' phone calls. Lovely.

I have three or four more irons in the fire, but that was the one I really wanted. I spent the morning on the phone, calling around, faxing resumes, getting in touch with a few head-hunters. Basically casting a really... wide net. And look at that, in between typing "really" and "wide", I got a phone call. Yes! *pumps fist* Not the most challenging job in the universe (it's call center work), but it starts at ten dollars an hour, there's room for advancement, and it's a job. Whew.

What a rollercoaster! *smiles* More later, I have to go dance like a loon in the privacy of my home. ^_~
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