May 12th, 2008


Like it, lump it, and everything in between ^_^

Six days into training and-- at the risk of jinxing things-- I feel like I might be starting to get the hang of our more routine problems. Out of the six calls I got tonight (this past weekend was a big sale event, so today was extremely slow), I only had to transfer two of them to higher-ups. I was able to successfully solve things for the other four callers, which is not too bad, all things considered. Since we're in training, we're only on the phones for four of the eight working hours; luckily, its not four straight hours of phones, and then four straight hours of class. We sort of switch off two for two, which breaks things up and helps keep me from getting bored. (I'm not bored on the phones-- I'm bored when I'm waiting for the damn thing to beep. ^^ We're not allowed to do anything while we wait. I guess no one ever told them that watched phones don't ring? ^_~)

I managed to entertain myself by looking for interesting town names (Powder Springs GA! Far Rockaway NY! Incline Village NV! Yes, I suck.) and making a mental list of favorite characters. Collapse )