September 2nd, 2008


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Well, I certainly managed to disappear for a while there, didn't I? It's amazing how fast days can go. I swear, every night when I get home from work, I think, "I'll have my Starbucks, read for a while, and post to LJ". I manage the first two, but always seem to end up asleep on the couch with whatever novel I'm reading clutched to my chest. This prompted Sam to come in, wake me up (they were out of eggs at his house-- he thought he'd come over and help himself to some of mine), and ask me, "Is Mr. King really that good in bed?"
"What?" I asked, still mostly asleep. He pointed to the book in my hand, which was Pet Sematary by Stephen King. I promptly threw it at him.

In other news, the scheduling department is redoing *all* the schedules in the Credit Granting department, which means I no longer get to have my comfy Tuesday-Saturday work week. They gave us six options, the "best" of which turned out to be a Friday-Sunday four-day work week with ten hours each day. I am using the term 'best' in a very loose sense here, clearly. ^_~
It's not all that bad-- it'll be nice to have Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday off all in a row; and my days won't be switched at random. I'm just not sure I can do ten hours at a stretch. *bites lip* We'll see what happens. It's effective on the 7th which means, due to where the switch falls, I'll end up working four eight hour days and two ten hour days in a row before I get a break again. .... *nervous laughter* And during our mattress sale, too! Who knows, after six days, a mere ten hours might look like a synch.

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Thanks for listening, guys,