September 18th, 2008


We Have Light!

How awesome is it to have working electrical current? How unspeakably cool is it to have a nice bright living room and feel cold when you open your fridge?

.... it is wonderful in ways that can not be expressed with simple English. It is, in my brother's understated words, Fucking amazing.

In case you haven't already guessed, my home and that of my brother where among those who lost power when the tail end of Ike blasted through poor oblivious Ohio. I have nothing but the utmost sympathy and heartache for the people in Texas, because -- lemme tell you-- the winds that reached us here in the Ohio Valley were brutal. I can't imagine what they were like at full force, when Ike made land fall. Both Sam and I lost siding, and I also lost a shutter from the front of my house. Not a big deal, all things considered, but it was scary while we were outside in the wind trying to get the debris before it could be blown around and hurt someone. Sam has a nasty cut on his let from a nail, and everyone in the neighborhood had trees crack or pull up by their roots. Everything seemed to hit between 1 pm and 4:30-ish, so there was enough light for the neighborhood to get together and move the trees out of the street and away from dangerous positions. I met more neighbors this weekend than I have since I first moved in years ago. Sad, but true. Everyone was very helpful, though, cutting away branches and clearing things.

There are still people in the area without power, but my subdivision was lucky enough to get full power back on Wednesday. Cable didn't come until later, but at that point we were just overwhelmingly glad to have light. I don't think I've ever known a quality of darkness like that; true night, broken only by the moon. Some places still had power-- Sam's part-time job included. He works third shift, so he and I situated the girls in the basement before he left. We all slept together with the dead bolt on, and a machete in my easy reach, though I think the last bit may have been over dramatic. Still, there were two cases of looting on the second night, so maybe it wasn't so silly. We didn't have any trouble, though-- we just burned a lot of my previously decorative candles , played a lot of cards, and took turns reading aloud to each other. My brother's biggest complaint was that all my perfumed candles made his place "smell like a French whore-house."
"Look," said I, "do you want this place to smell like a fruit basket, or so you want to kill yourself falling over the myriad sharp things you collect?"
So there.

The girls were excited to have school off. In fact, they only went back today. I had no such luck, unfortunately. Nameless-Co was still up and operational, though I was one of only twelve people in our entire department who actually showed up. Needless to say, it was an enormously cranky day, but we all took the time to charge our cell phones and other important batteries.

I am so, so glad to have the power back on now, you just have no idea.
But more than that, I'm unutterably thankful things weren't worse.

Now I want to hear from you guys, because I feel dreadfully out of the loop!