August 18th, 2009


[fic] We Were The More Deceived 2/? (The 4400; Shawn/Kyle, Maia; PG-13)

NOTES: Wow-- this is the second chapter of 'We Were The More Deceived'. When I started it, it was July 2007. The current (and-- though we didn't know it then-- final season of The 4400) hadn't finished airing, and I'd chosen to set the story over five years in the future because things were changing so rapidly from episode to episode. I wrote about two pages and lost steam. Now it's August of 2009, and I've finally gotten the chapter finished. (Yes, I'm slow. Glaciers move faster than I do. Vulcan courting rituals move more quickly than I do. I know. ^_^;;; It's not my fault! ^_~) Thanks so much to r-chan and minttown1 for being kind enough to encourage me to at least finish what I had on my hard drive. And (surprise! surprise!) I might actually know where this is going now. There may be hope for me actually finishing something yet.

I will warn you that this is post apocalyptic and dark. *waves a basket* I brought flashlights! It is, however, not as dark as... oh... say... TORCHWOOD: Children of Earth. *mutters violently* There's a happy ending, I promise. Assuming, of course, I get to the end before the turn of the next millennium. ^^

All standard disclaimers apply. Not mine in any way, shape or form. Please dry clean only; do not remove tag under penalty of law; offer void in Utah.

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

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