November 7th, 2009


Green Girls and Mini-Skirts!

Is October already gone? *shivers in the Ohio chill* It must be. Geeze. I hope everyone had a nice Samhain/Halloween!

We actually closed early on Halloween by about an hour, which was nice. Actually, it's about the last thing I remember clearly, because I developed an excruciating migraine right before lunch on Sunday. It grew to be so painful that I ended up at Urgent Care on Monday morning with the *same* migraine. After absolutely abysmal amounts of paperwork, they gave me a shot that knocked me out until Tuesday morning, when it was time for dental surgery! Whee! X_x;; Please keep your fingers crossed that my ridiculously expensive temporary crown doesn't act up, because I do not want to have an even more laughably overpriced root canal. *bangs head* And, by the time all the meds and various pain induced hallucinations wore off, it was time to get up for work this morning!

I wonder if I can get a refund for this when I get to heaven. Do you think the Prophet Elijah works a Customer Service style desk up there, while Michael and Gabriel try and get people to form orderly lines?

Nothing much else to add. I'm still wrestling with my COE fix-it for Torchwood (yes, I know it's been months. I'm not over this. I am not going to get over this. IANTO!!! ^^;) and I'm toying with an old Doctor/Rose fic that keeps rearing its ugly head from time to time. Also watching lots of classic Star Trek on (you can watch uncut eps for free) and giggling over the long, lingering looks Kirk and Spock give each other on the bridge. Those boys.

Also, it's a whole new century and *still*-- no one quite wears a Starfleet mini-skirt like TOS Uhura.

Inspired by the green Orion women of TOS, and cheesy sci-fi classics in general, I present the first two from a little project I've been working on. I've always had a weakness for old fashioned cheesecake models. So! Here are some Martian Beauty Queens (see where the green comes in?) competing for the planet crown:
  • Miss Arisa Mons- Imanisi Doven is a child of the volcanic mountains in the western equatorial region. Her home town is Usher, the largest city in the area, and she is following her passion in the field of archaeology. (I definitely got caught up in Bradbury's 'Egyptian' feel for Mars when I was a girl. I do love how her hair turned out. Also, points for guessing where 'Usher' got its name from. ^_~)
  • Miss Valles Marineris- Thetis Ryn, hails from a system of canyons in the North Eastern hemisphere of Mars. She was born in Lemuria, the province's capital city, and is currently studying medicine. (It's been pointed out that she's perhaps *too* green-- she was my attempt at a 'blond' Martian.)

I spend way, way too much time adding mental details to these sorts of things. Oh, well, I suppose it keeps me out of trouble. ^_~ I have at least three more in my sketchbook.