December 25th, 2009


And at the end, there's always a Satsuma (Merry Christmas!)

I was scheduled to work until 7:00 PM this evening, but we closed an hour early because-- although our scheduling department was apparently unaware-- everyone else knew it was Christmas Eve, goddamn it. ^___^ So, I made some Chinese dumplings and cheesey biscuts, talked to my mom on the phone, and watched Doctor Who's "The Christmas Invasion" with the girls. Now, with all the kidlings tucked into bed, I'm finishing wrapping presents and sipping on my frappicino.

It's been kinda crappy at work lately, with crazy last minute shoppers made even more hostile by the credit situation. I try to be kind and understanding, even though sometimes there's nothing I can do for them. I try to remind myself that they're lashing out at me because I'm a faceless voice on the phone. One of the girls who sits next to me took blue sparkly marker and made a big sign that says IT'S NOT PERSONAL and JUST KEEP SMILING, which she hung over her desk.
... yeah, it has been that ugly. ^^;

But!!!!!!! (yes, I see the inappropriate line of exclaimation points, but I want them there. ^_~) But, you guys remind me about how wonderful and good people really are-- about why this season is secretly magical to me still.

*raises her drink to the East* To my darling, talented and Masters-bound Leigh; the sqiddy-lovin', werewolf-supportin', real-life super-girl Amber and her Brittany; to my Lambykins, Nebula; to the amazing Jimaine; the supportive and clever Ra; the always astounding Leia_N; not to mention the witty and pithy Raven.

*raises her drink to the West* To the ever-awesome Dannisupernova; my dear long-standing Nihon-lovin' Antigone; the tasteful Bluerose; her royal Queen of Kawaii, Miyeko; the illegally cool LadyAeryn; and... yeah. To Jo.

*raises her drink in general* To the skillful and penetrating Bea, aka Spongey; to the sweet Lischel; the very kind Suzume; and Zixi the endlessly patient super-trooper. And, to everyone who has given feedback to this glacially slow, terimally dramatic excuse for a writer.

All of that is a long-winded way of saying "Thank you".

Hang out the holly, batton down the hatches, and keep an eye out for lurking Satsumas. Have a very, very Merry Christmas.