May 20th, 2010


Ah, the Army...

I feel like I've been really erratic about posting and commenting on friend's pages lately. Actually, I feel as if the past few weeks have all been extremely disjointed, like stop-motion photography. There's sort of a waxy spectrum to things as well, which is definitely due to lack of good sleep. Oh, I'm sleeping a lot, but I'm not sleeping well.

Explain to me how this works: Four weeks ago, my brother served Little Cousin with an ultimatum. If he's going to live in this house, he needs to go back on his medication and see a therapist. Little Cousin whinges on aboout how unfair we are, how we're trying to ruin his life, how he knows I'm the one that put Sam (my brother) up to this, ect. (Damn straight, I did. If I don't put my foot down around here, no one will.) Eventually, he conceeds. He goes to said therapist, but comes back without a perscription for his meds. Why? Because he's been off the regimen for over a year now, and he's decided he's going to join the Army!

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Things really haven't gotten much better since. *sigh* You know, I don't want Little Cousin to join the army, but it's becoming increasingly clear that he can't live here, either.

I think I've nattered on enough. I'm sorry if I haven't been as supportive or helpful to my friends as I usually am, or should be. *hugs*