June 24th, 2010


As Hawkeye says, "I was only AWOL because I was absent without leave."

Hey, I am still alive. *blinks owlishly*

Something of a surprise to me, too, let me assure you. ^_~ Stoned out of my gourd at times, but definitely still alive.

I'm sorry I've been MIA for so long-- it's been a combination of family issues and a powerful resurgence of my migraines. Mostly the latter, thankfully, hence my heavily medicated state. I had a really bad episode around the 12th, and then another this past Monday. My doctor started me on different medication at the beginning of June, whose side effects were definitely worse than any purported relief. *sigh* The stuff I'm on now is marginally better. At least I'm not sleeping all the time.

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I am still working on "In Amnion", I promise! I actually managed another page and half of Chapter 13 today, but it's been slow going. This will be the chapter where Ianto wakes up, and you know what a psychotic perfectionist I am. ^^; I hope I haven't effectively killed any interest off... hopefully I'll pick up the pace now that I'm not sleeping quite so much!

Thanks ever so for listening.

Ps. If you emailed me between approximately the first of June and this Tuesday, and I have not responded, I apologize. The spam filter on my email mysteriously reset itself, and I didn't actually figure it out until someone mentioned they'd been repeatedly trying to get a hold of me. I hope I haven't offended anyone-- it's all fixed now! ^__^;;;