May 28th, 2012



I've been meaning for ages to write a post, especially since I've been flying under the radar for so long. For the most part, things have been good-- absolute chaos, especially in the immediate family, but good never the less. I read Stephen King's new book Wind Through The Keyhole (Roland is still the best gunslinger daddy ever! ^_~), I won an award at work for a truly daunting Corporate Fraud Prevention project I collaborated on, and I've been drawing more. My health is good (I still have horrible migraines, but it's amazing how crappy you don't feel once you don't have ten billion side effects to worry about. I know medication works for a lot of people-- it certainly works for me, in terms of anxiety!-- but, in this instance, I think the side effects really outweighed what I was trying to treat, even after we started looking for alternatives to painkillers). We had an unexpected improvement in transportation circumstances around here, even more appreciated because we have one niece gearing up to drive. I have a lot, I have a cornucopia to be thankful for.

And I am thankful. This Memorial Day, I am still thankful to all the women and men brave enough to risk it all serving their country, and I am unfathomably grateful to those who laid down their lives. All those serving, and who have served, carry an amazing burden-- part of their heroism is that they're willing to shoulder it to begin with.

We talk a lot on Memorial Day about those who have given their lives. We also talk about those Missing in Action, the the ones who are gone but never ever forgotten. We talk about the soldiers we couldn't save.

I want to talk about a different sort of loss, though. I want to talk about the soldiers who are missing even as they stand in front of us. And I won't deny there's a very personal reason that this issue is now close to my heart; I've learned a lot about it, and the most important thing I've learned is that families and soldiers need to know they're not alone.

(Trigger warnings for sexual assault, PTSD, suicide, depression, trauma.)

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