November 10th, 2012


House of Belated Birthdays (-or- a very late pressie for Amber)

So, when I first realized I wasn't going to get Amber's birthday present done in time this year, I thought, 'it's okay, I can make sure it's only a few days late'. Which of course, became 'I can get it done by Halloween!' and... here we are. *rolls eyes at self* It's on time for a celebration of House of Anubis up-coming third season...?

Seriously, Amber-- I hope you had a very happy day. You deserve only the best. For you, here's Jerome and Alfie. (from the aforementioned House of Anubis. Meredith has only seen bits and pieces of it, but her nieces are _hooked_. ^_~) The Egyptian hieroglyphs read: "Live life, not shalt thou die. Soul to heaven, body to earth", from the Budge translation of The Book of the Dead. I'm not crazy about Jerome's hair, but I think Alfie turned out well. At any rate, many happy returns, my dear!

This past month as been a little crazy for me. I marked the anniversary of a year free from my prescription pain meds. I was having serious inter-office political issues with my supervisor, who denied me for a promotion. Days later, I found out that I'd been hired by another department for essentially the same promotion... it was, in so many ways, like sudden convergence of all of my efforts to make a new start. It's taken some adjustment, but I am so much happier. You are looking at the newest Law Enforcement and Loss Prevention Liaison for Namemless Co. Basically, we're a highly specialized department that deals with credit card fraud and organized retail crime. I've always been drawn to fraud functions, both in Corporate and Personal credit-- in Corporate, I did research for high fiduciary risk. I never, ever imagined that I would be lucky enough to reach supervisory pay grade in such an awesome, awesome department. It's been a bit of an adjustment, there's no denying that, but I couldn't be more thrilled.
(Snerk. Meredith is having a hard time adjusting because she hasn't worked an honest-to-god 8-5 job since 2008. ^^)

Hopefully now that things are settling down a bit, I won't be quite so far behind! ^_^