September 29th, 2013


Hannibal 1x03.5: "Insanity Runs In My Family. It Practically Gallops"

Okay-- obviously my definition of 'tomorrow' is incredibly loose, considering its actually two days later. X_x;; Oh well, time is relative, space is curved, we're all composed of vibrating strings and membranes… you know. *hand wave*

I have, however, accomplished something! In keeping with my theme of inappropriate comic reactions to Very Serious Subject Matter (remember BoB? ^^), I have yet another Hannibal comic! During her 'Potage' recap, minttown1 observed that Hannibal reacts to Will's Copy Cat lecture as if he were a little boy receiving his first glitter valentine. When I threatened to draw, she elaborated: "Haha, a big loopy picture with hearts and roses border and Hannibal holding a "I know you killed her" glitter valentine in the shape of an anatomically correct heart. ;D"

I AM BUT YOUR SERVANT. Kindergartener!Will gives Grade-School!Hannibal a Valentine. Yes, I'm sick. I take comfort in knowing the show itself is a _lot_ sicker, only with much less pink marker.
(*thor voice* You are an excellent muse, Amber! Speak to me of your Abigail comic, and I shall try to do it justice, if you like.)

And now, 'Potage' Part 2:

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