November 10th, 2013


Hannibal 1x7.5: Monster Dinners Are Really Great (We Eat The Food And Then The Plate)

Is it just me, or has this past week been one pot-hole-filled stretch of karmatic road? Winter seems to have decisively curled it's fist around Ohio now, so I've had a whole slew of fun migraines (if by 'fun', you mean 'an entirely new adventure in pain'), and the strongest thing I can take these days is Advil PM. Good times. X_x;;

To top it off, most of the family within a reasonable geographic distance will be converging on my grandparent's home this evening for a 'practice reading' of their Will. (What _is_ this? I honestly don't know what this is, aside from my grandmother's eternal morbidity and the desire to stir up trouble before she's cast off this mortal coil.) I'm trying really, really had to force myself to be logical and compassionate and _not_ see this as yet another attempt to stir up family drama, but its hard.

So, let's talk about Will's deeply distressing interpersonal relations! They make mine look like a cake-walk.
(Everyone together now: OHHHHH WILLLLLLL. ;_;)

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Huzzah! Now I'm all caught up for tomorrow! ^_^