November 11th, 2013


[fic] Our Love is a Funeral Dirge (And They're Playing Our Song)

Well, we made it through the 'practice reading' of the will with no actual fatalities (truly a miracle, with the number of guns in my grandfather's collection), but no shortage of hurt feelings. *thumbs up* Thanksgiving is going to be so fun X_x;;

I also did two hours of overtime tonight, so this post has in no way been beta'd, and I cannot guarantee coherence. What was I thinking? OT on a Monday, when I have the whole rest of the week to contend with. Clearly there is some fraudulent person out there, masquerading as Meredith and fraudulently signing up for overtime. She must be stopped! ^_~

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Hey, look at that-- I did it all in one go! Wheeeee!