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Hannibal 2x03: /your subtleties, they strangle me/

How sad is it that I have to feel emotionally prepared in order to watch this show? (No, Bryan, that's not a challenge.) Needless to say, Friday was not a particularly stable day. However, I've spent the weekend wrestling with student loans and getting tax forms together, and really, what's darker than that? ^_~

And away we go!

[ETA: Warning for lack of beta, a temper-tantrum regarding some of the terminology this show uses, and very probably some political incorrectness on my part.]

[+] Last time, on Hannibal: You should never let a cannibal come over and let your doggies out-- he might decide to frame you and mess with your fishing lures. (Geeze, Will-- get a neighbor lady to do it, or something. You're cute, blue-eyed, and you have floppy hair-- work it!) Scary FBI Lady thinks she's scary, but she ain't seen nothing yet. Alana thinks Will has a platform for defense, and Hannibal just wants to help. _Really_. Somehow, despite the fact he's been discarded, imprisoned, and basically torn down by Jack Crawford, Will is still stuck doing his dirty work. Ain't life grand?

[+] Will, sugar, I know you have a tendency to leap to the worst case scenario, but do you really want to envision your own execution in graphic detail? I take back what I said about darkness. *gets out the hurricane lantern*

[+] Ahaha, Fuller juxtaposes Hannibal's cuff-links with Will's handcuffs. The little part of me that laughs is the part that hates existence. ^_~

[+] Will is wearing his glasses, which provides more 'armor' than the ill-fitting dress suit.

ATTORNEY: "Let me tell you the story of a mild-mannered FBI professor…"
Twelve words in, and I already hate this chick. Will can be described as many, many things, but I really don't think 'mild-mannered' is one of them. That sort of projection is more Hannibal's shtick. Speaking of the good doctor, he made sure he got box seats for this little drama.

Love his little sneer at "the smartest person in this room".

Is it pathetic of me to still hope "the rest of Abigail Hobbs" is still alive and will later be reintroduced into the narrative? *sighs*

[+] FBI LADY: I've arrived at the truth with no prior involvement in this, and no personal relationships. I can make snap judgements based on shallow stereotypes and my own generalized administrative disdain. Aren't I awesome.

"It's easier to be a man who missed his friend's suffering[…] than the Head of Behavioral Sciences at the FBI who missed a killer."

WOW. How to make friends and influence people! Appealing to Jack's sense of self preservation.
I'm gonna say right now that I hope she gets eaten.

[+] This is just our day for reprehensible characters and lines. "Very likely on the spectrum?" Excuse me, writers, but WHAT IS THIS SHIT? Suddenly not being neurotypical automatically qualifies you to be a cannibalistic serial killer? FUCK YOU. I'm not on the spectrum (or, at least, I've never been tested to see), but I know I'm not neurotypical. And I have one thing to say to all mindless sheeple out there who think falling into some text-book cut-out of how humans should behave is some kind of salvation: You may congratulate yourself on your "normality", but a large majority of atypical people are more human than you'll ever be.
Sorry about that… I may have some strong feelings about the "othering" of non-median intelligence. Strictly speaking, every genus who ever lived has been mentally atypical in one way or another.

[+] Poor Will… "sounds like a supervillian", my ass. He looks so lost, having turned inward because its the only way out.

Hey, lookie here, Jack has a spine! Meanwhile, Hannibal would like to bottle and age all the pain he's privy to right now.

[+] DEFENSE ATTORNEY: "… I think I opened your mail."
No shit, Sherlock. You wanna try and sell that?

[+] Hey, I just noticed… is Hannibal's office right next to a beautiful historic cathedral? Even G-d cannot save that hideous suit and tie. Plaid suit and star-shapes on the tie? NO NO NO. Is that red and green? *shudders*

[+] Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears… *flinches* Sorry, I had to.
HANNIBAL: "Some part of you still suspects me?"
WILL: "I don't know what anyone's capable of anymore, least of all myself."
Nice deflection there, darling! He's taking tricks right out of Hannibal's bag!

WILL: "Why would [the killer] want to be seen now?"
HANNIBAL: "He cares about what happens to you."
Why does every conversation between these two sound like a yellowing, tear-stained love letter hidden carefully in a trunk?

[+] Oh, G-d-- Freddie Lounds is on the stand. Arrest her for the hat! Darling, you're a B-movie hack actress with no scruples and certainly no soul.

[+] "Doctor, were you and the accused romantically involved?" I love all the shit the Defense Attorney is giving Alana. He's right, "hip, adorable and fashion conscious" ain't gonna cut it in the court room.

[+] Looks like they were having another antler sale at Michael's! The crispiness is a new touch.

[+] HANNIBAL: (the biased, paid-under-the-table critic) "An arresting piece of theater."
ZELLER: … Will Graham's Greatest Hits.
I still think you personally kind of _want_ Will to be guilty, Zeller, but right now I would seriously give you that fist-bump.

[+] Seriously, are we gonna have to listen to Chilton talk, period, let alone about "being on the spectrum"? *throws things* Dickweed. Nice ax-grinding, there.

[+] Seems Hannibal and Will have moved up to a private little meeting-room. Doors are glass, boys-- let's keep everyone's hands where we can see them! Hannibal brings Will bodies the way a smitten kitty brings in dead mice and birds. O_o
WILL: "He is merely the ink from which flows my poem."
Yep, a twisted love poem.
HANNIBAL: "I want you to believe in the best of me […] This killer wrote you a poem. Are you going to let his love go to waste?"
*frantically reminds herself that she doesn't trust Brian Fuller and that she shouldn't get excited*

Looks like the downpayment on your freedom is being drawn, once again, into a conspiracy of Lecter's lies. He may not like having you in prison, but he doesn't want you to go free.

[+] DEFENSE LAWYER: "You're being very high-and-mighty, Doctor Bloom. Very ivory tower, very reductive, very far from the point."
… I think I need to buy this man flowers and a very expensive stake.

[+] Hannibal swears to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and please kindly ignore the fact the Bible begins smoking when he places his hand on it. And, true to form, he screws Will even further. No matter how much you stare at Will's empty chair, I am not gonna feel sorry for you.

[+] Holy shit, I was thinking that Hannibal looked as though he wanted to kill the judge, but I didn't think he'd actually do it. And in the Court House, too-- the man is clearly magic.

[+] FBI LADY: "Everybody, at some point, has to leave somebody behind."
I hope I'm not ever in a live-fire situation with her-- she'd piss herself and turn tail before the first bullet even found its mark. X_x'' That is a REALLY shitty attitude for any real leader to have. Unfortunately, no one in management is a true leader, ahahaha.

[+] Swiggity swag, here comes the Stag!
ALANA: "What does he [the killer] want?"
Oh, nothing much-- just Will's soul.

Fuck you, Alana-- you can't save Will. You can't even save yourself.

And this is the part where I make a joke that Hannibal really does want to know Will… in the biblical sense. ^_~

And, with that bit of adolescent humor, I am signing off!
<3 Meredith

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