March 31st, 2014


Hannibal 2x05: /name one thing about us two anyone could love/

Alright-- sitting down to do this on a Monday because, a) I suck and b) I had a terrible migraine Friday, which meant I had to make up my time on Saturday, and then squeeze all my weekend chores into Sunday. Hopefully I'm emotionally prepared for this now. Natch, Fuller, I know you pull this shit on purpose.

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And now, as a tribute to my beloved Beverly, I have some fan art. I actually started this on Thursday, during a hideous six hour training class. (That's why I always bring a notebook-- not cause I'm gonna write things down, but because it's great for hiding sketches in. ^_~) I'm not thrilled with the color scheme, but I had to work with what was on-hand, and then finish up at home. I'm trying to make the thumb-nail small enough so it won't be spoiler if you don't look too closely.

Beverly Katz Gets Even*
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Regular ink pens, india ink, office highlighter, supplemented with Copic marker

Abigail's hair turned out too red, and my stupid scanner one more failed to pick up the background shading. Otherwise, for a quick comic, I'm pretty happy with it. Though apparently my subconscious thinks that the dress-code in heaven is pretty lax, as long as you wear white and blue. X_x;; When Bev and Abigail are done, Amber and I are gonna slip in a wipe our greasy McDonald's super-size fries all over Lecter's furniture, too. ;-)

Seriously, this show. *cowboy drawl* I wish I could quit you. XD


*The alternative title, for all you MST3K fans, is Angel's Revenge. Yes, I'm done now.