April 6th, 2014


Hannibal 2x06: "i like my town with a little drop of poison"

Brief Yet Hopefully Amusing Anecdote: The title of this episode is 'Futamono', i.e. 'covered thing'. The word 'mono' by itself just means 'thing' and it's used pretty frequently in Japanese. Tabemono (food, or literally 'eat thing'), kaimono (purchases/groceries/shopping, or 'buy thing'), kimono ('wear thing', originally meaning any type of clothing), ect. There's also a great term for Hannibal-- bakemono (monster, or 'bad/scary/awful' thing).

This concludes our brief linguistic digression, brought to you by Jack's Joke Shop. 'Cause if it ain't funny, it ain't worth jack. ^_~

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*Tokyo Babylon reference FOR THE WIN.
** Hmmm, upon review, it seems I swear a bit excessively during these recaps. Forgive me, I'm still mad about Beverly. And Abigail.