June 24th, 2015


Hannibal 3x02: "I count / the empty bottles upon the bar"

Alright. More than a little behind on my recaps due to a project at work. I'm excited to be doing well (provisionally, don't want to jinx ourselves) and making a little more, but it comes with the side effect of sometimes carrying projects over into the evening. I've been working on an SQL procedure to help track stock and cut down on parts theft but at some point I apparently offended someone, because now an entire department isn't talking to me. (When I fail at human interaction, I fail LIKE A BOSS.)

So, that's the RL stress that has kept me relatively away from recapping, though I've been watching faithfully (and with many breathless screams). Let's talk about some other, far more interesting people who fail at human social interaction!

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