January 4th, 2016


[fic] And Shame the Devil 2/? (post-DoFP, Charles/Erik, NC-17)

Title: And Shame The Devil 2/?
by Meredith Bronwen Mallory (garnettrees)
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: X-Men, all associated characters and imagery are all property of Marvel Comics. I make no money by writing this, and intend no disrespect.
Summary: After Charles' strange pardon in D.C., Magneto's primary goal is to lie low and educate himself on the political changes during the time he lost. But no man endures a decade of confinement without side-effects, and Erik is not prepared to handle his own reactions, nor can he fathom Charles' intentions when the telepath summons him back to the only place he has ever been tempted to call home.
(Or, two men both bloody-minded and still in love, and an talk-- among other things-- ten years delayed.)

Quick Note: I've revised the summary a little bit in hopes of giving a better idea of what the story is about. I also tend to err on the side of caution for trigger warnings, but I do want to clarify a bit. The dub-con in this story is not as serious as that in 'Night Ocean', and it definitely segues from a high-handed way of making a point to consensual dynamic sex.
Additional Warnings(/Enticements?): Service!Top, feeding, grooming, dom/sub behavior, emotional manipulation, Erik's fantasies, Erik's Logic[™], oral sex, nipple play, and much more to come. (You know, that kitchen sink. ^_~)

And Shame the Devil 2/?