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Hannibal 2x04: /my girl's ready to take control, she just blows my mind/

You know, I ended up catching the last five minutes of this show on Friday and spoiling myself, and I am still pissed off. (At the plot, not at being spoiled.)

HERE THERE BE SPOILERS. You have been warned.

Last time, on Hannibal: Jack has spent so much of his career on death that he feels as though he's ignored his own life. Hannibal's suit is so horrendously ugly it makes completely color-blind people weep. I need to burn that tie, and then wipe all memory of its existence from my mind. Bella refuses to do chemo (man, I wish I had her composure), and Beverly is still working on the freaky skin mural. The prosecuting attorney is not playing ball, but Will looks really pretty in his glasses. The show wants us to remember that Will's been accusing Hannibal of the murders, as if we could possible forget. To paraphrase Amber; is there anyone under the age of forty for whom 'Hannibal Lecter eats people' has not been a generally unspoken truth since childhood?

[+] Deep in his fantasy fly-fishing kingdom, our hero gives detailed instructions about tying a lure. The colors the director uses here are beautiful-- it's rare that a stream looks that blue, and then the autumnal colors of the feathers… Excuse my little color-gasm, I'm still recovering from Lecter's suit. *shudders*

And it's ABIGAIL!!! (additional exclamation marks x 5 million) I seriously love this character so much, I could jump in that cold water and hug her right now. I know she's just an illusion in Will's detail-oriented internal kingdom, but I don't care. She's just as thoughtful and sassy as ever.

And ahaha, Hannibal really is the "one who got away". He could have had his own beautiful husband/partner-in-crime, a talented protege, and an enormous house with twenty-five dogs, if he just hadn't been such a cannibalistic poo-head! He has no one to blame but himself. (Side note: I wonder if Will's internal world is anything like Lecter's Memory Palace.)

*stops to enjoy Will and Abigail smiling and laughing*

And, of course, Will stabs me in the heart with his little superstition. ;_;

[+] And here's Bev, with a fresh serving of horror. Will was right-- the killer is in the mural. Shocker @_@'

WILL: "You found just as much evidence on him as you did on me."
BEV: "I'm glad you said it."

Aside from illustrating the candor that still defines Bev and Will's relationship, this does bring him an important point: It is easier/more desirable to believe Will is guilty instead of Hannibal (if, as their friend, you are forced to believe one of them is guilty at all). Will has always been erratic, atypical, brilliant and difficult to define; he's threatening because he defies characterization, and he's smart enough to show people up in their own field (I'm looking at you, Zeller). Hannibal, on the other hand, is (as Leigh's pointed out) the outward epitome of sanity. The still waters of a Zen garden pool. Who wants to believe a maelstrom of fire and brimstone can hide beneath that serenity?

BEV: "Don't say Hannibal Lecter."

Well, you're really on the wrong show for that, honey.

[+] And now we have a fun, disorienting bee POV. I'd say it's giving me flashbacks to those nature films we watched in high school, but there were never any dead bodies in those. My school was too low-class to afford bodies. ^_~

[+] Oh, hi Chilton. You suck, go away, goodbye Chilton. Look at him with that cane-- he probably loves it. It's a physical reminder for everyone that he has suffered for his "art", he can use it to look distinguished, and it aids in his obnoxious posturing.

WILL: "[…] You've recorded our conversations.' whispers "Or are we pretending you're not doing that?"
ilu, Will, I really do.

CHILTON: "And what 'this' are you offering for my 'that'?"

Quid pro quo, Clarice. ^_~ Comeon, Fredrick, I know you flunked Latin in college.

WILL: "You will be the first and last word in the mind of Will Graham. G-d, you could dine out on that for years!"
Yes, darling, but do you really want his sticky fingers in your skull? I don't think he washes his hands, and I know he's got sweaty palms just thinking about running all those tests on you.

WILL: "Tell Hannibal Lecter […] I am now under your exclusive care."
Ahahaha, Will, good one. Now this duckweed is gonna die.

Will and Scully should write a book together on how to dump patients/psychiatrists. I bet it would be hysterical. Why am I picturing Will humming Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" back in his cell?

[+] Cue Bella's therapy session: Turns out, Jack has convinced her to do chemo. Oh, Hannibal, you and your little discrete aversion of gaze because your patient has the nerve to lose locks of hair in your office due to the hideous side-effects of a desperate treatment for a fatal medical condition. It's so gauche when people do that. *rolls eyes, sticks out tongue*

When Bella talks about cancer in military terminology, all I see is Zoe. She really does have the balls to go toe to toe with Lecter. She flips the question of her suicide back on Hannibal, who clearly wants her to take this route, because that would really fuck with Jack.

[+] Back at the crime scene… Jimmy loves bees! So much, he doesn't want them exterminated.

JIMMY: "Did you know that the drone['s ….] orgasm is so explosive that it's audible to the human ear?"

That's my quiz show kid! And just think, he's got a twin. I bet they're a hoot at parties. Zeller is really distressed.

[+] HANNIBAL: [to Bev] "So often you open your mouth and I hear Will Graham's words come out" … and it really turns me on, so are you free this evening?

Oh, Bevy, Bevy-- your direct approach is admirable, but freaking dangerous.

HANNIBAL: "Will needs a champion now, more than ever."
BEVERLY: "He has you, doesn't he?"

Look at that sassy little head-tilt! I need a screen-cap of that! I love this actress, because you can tell from her body language that she's standing with her feet square and her legs straight, absolutely fearless.

[+] I have nothing to say about Will's flashbacks and Hannibal's "radically unorthodox form of therapy", because it's all so damn disturbing. *shudders*

[+] Chilton, you little shit. You think you're a talented weasel, but you're just signing your own death warrant.

[+] Aw, lookit Jack "supporting his wife" and taking only vaguely-legal substances with her. Then it stops being cute when he tells her that discussing her End of Life plan is "harshening his buzz". You just lost all the points, kiddo.

And gained them back a thousand-fold tenderly discussing how he'll remember her. *sniffles*

[+] We interrupt this morbidity to bring you more from the Jimmy Price Trivia Hour! And… Meredith's gonna hit the latrine for a minute, cause she has a huge needle-phobia. To say nothing of lobotomies. *major squick* That little girl will never go the park again.

[+] Meanwhile, Beverly discovers that the stitches on the mural artist are hiding more stitches. Turns out, the killer took his kidney. Gee, I wonder who _that_ could be. (Incidentally, I usually don't like pony-tails, but Bev looks really cute with her hair up. *crush*)

[+] Speaking of hair, Will has a flash-back to when he was adorable with shorter curls (as opposed to being adorable with messy, unkempt curls), and finally has The Moment Of Culinary Truth. Suddenly, prison food looks lavishly more appealing.

[+] CRAZY BEE LADY: "I protected these people from hopelessness… and that's beautiful."

And that would be Jack's WHAT IS THIS SHIT face. The Bee Lady freaks me out perhaps more than any other killer we've had (even if she seems kind of ad-hoc), but I forget all about it when I see Jack's face because it is so perfectly, "WUT, BITCH!?"

[+] Oh, Jesus, Hannibal loves seeing Bella vulnerable like this. Disgusting. And she came to his office to die… like it's some Cathedral of Death. He watches, feeling nothing. Oh, darling-- don't give your last message to a monster who can ape but never truly speak your tongue.

And he fucking flipped a coin. Jesus.

[+] BEV: "So… Hannibal's at the hospital, too."
Don't doooo thiiiiiiisss…..

[+] I'm going to have a personal moment here and say that I have been at the bedside of someone awakening when they never expected to wake up again. Please believe me when I tell you that is never, ever something you want to see.

[+] On the other hand, GO BELLA!!!!

[+] Bev, didn't they cover What Not To Do In A Horror Movie in FBI school?

Damn, Hannibal moves _fast_.

Fuck you, Fuller-- I'm gonna miss Beverly, more than any character save Abigail. Bella's dying, Abby's gone, now Bev… we are seriously entering a deficit of strong women, and we're gonna be stuck with cloying-spun-sugar Alana. Sometimes I think this show kind of hates women.

This fucking show, and these fucking power-obsessed, sociopathic men. Shit.

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