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Hannibal 2x05: /name one thing about us two anyone could love/

Alright-- sitting down to do this on a Monday because, a) I suck and b) I had a terrible migraine Friday, which meant I had to make up my time on Saturday, and then squeeze all my weekend chores into Sunday. Hopefully I'm emotionally prepared for this now. Natch, Fuller, I know you pull this shit on purpose.

Last time, on Hannibal: Beverly was getting uncomfortably close to revealing Hannibal's Secret Identity (it's Cannibal Man! Able to eat whole cities in one sitting!). Someone sent Will an ear which, in Hannibal's world, is a step up from flowers. Abel Gideon played a live game of Operation with the richly deserving Dr. Chilton, and drug Freddie Lounds along for the ride. Bella tried to commit honorable suicide, but Hannibal's coin-toss said 'no way'. Beverly thought she had a window of opportunity, and ended up facing Hannibal (who moves _really_ fast-- another super power) down in his warped version of Willy Wonka's.

[+] Hannibal's cooking oysters to classical music. I don't know anyone who cooks more elegantly or threateningly than Hannibal Lecter. (Take that, Gordon Ramsey!) I can't watch, 'cause when I see meat I know it might be… *sobs*

Meanwhile, Will enjoys some disgusting prison food, which looks like a king's feast because he can be (reasonably) sure there are no people in it.

HANNIBAL: (looking sympathetic and somewhat human with his tousled hair) "You have to eat something, Jack." Or someone. "You've been up all night."

Jack doesn't look that hungry, and he doesn't even know who's for breakfast. Jesus, Jack, stop confiding in Lecter… you're going to look back on all this and want to kill yourself.

[+] Cut to Freddie, glaring at the observatory as if it stole one of her nice fur gloves. I'd have a lot more sympathy for you if you hadn't stolen the jacket from some English prep school uniform.

[+] And… it's Bev. Fuck you, Fuller. Just… fuck you, okay? G-ddamn cis-gendered white man… you probably don't even realize how misogynist half this crap is.

Artistic meaning aside, I'm thinking even Hannibal doesn't have the equipment to pull off a museum-quality progressive dissection. Also, I'm getting vibes from The Cell, so I am taking away all of your points. EVER.
(I'm not bitter about Bev, _really_. *is totally lying*)

[+] Cut to a montage as Jack grimly informs Bev's coworkers about her death. Of all the reactions, Zeller's actually gets to me the most. He's so glib and passive aggressive, but here he's genuinely upset, and you can see the vulnerability you usually masks.

[+] Poor Will. Even without the sound of water echoing in a vast, empty cavern, you can tell he's almost poured himself out of his body until he's numb.

[+] Damnit, Freddie, don't add to Will's indignity by taking pictures. And Will? I don't think you want to do this….
(Btw, thanks for the sexualization of the corpse's breasts and overall feminine profile, director. *waves the one-fingered salute*)

BEVERLY: (living, as Abigail is, in Will's head) You say you interpret the evidence… so interpret the evidence.

… stronger than all the men on this show, even in death.

Okay, so Hannibal apparently does have the equipment. He must have put years between those orders for equipment… I'd think it would set up quite a few red flags.

[+] Jack gets pissy when Will refuses to be his wind-up gypsy oracle. It's not that he doesn't know the answer, Jack, it's the he knows you won't accept it. You're such an ass-- more charitable to the psychiatrist who admits he would have "philosophically" allowed your wife to die than you are to a man who, as it becoming increasingly clear, may be innocent of everything you've locked him away for.

[+] You know, it's a good thing Fuller didn't pull this crap in the first season… I would have stopped watching, to be honest. Now I'm too invested. *rolls eyes*

[+] I love how Chilton can sit there and describe Hannibal and be completely oblivious to it.

[+] Zeller and Jimmy are both broken and brave as they personally preform Beverly's autopsy. Who else could they trust to do it? Meanwhile, Hannibal eats the evidence, and I hope it gives him massive indigestion.

[+] I love Will's little comment about about "equal social standing" with Gideon.

ABEL: "He is the Devil, Mr. Graham."

Wow, I think that's the first sensible thing Gideon has ever said. *blinks* And there's Chilton, happily sticking his head in the lion's mouth. Why aren't you dead yet? Hannibal points out that he has double-dog dare blackmail on Chilton. Not to mention the fact Fredrick's playing checkers, and Lecter is playing Go.

Meanwhile, Gideon pretends he doesn't know Lecter, because he wants to live. Freddie, apparently does not. Will gives her an excellent performance, designed to make her think she's sussed things out when she only has half the picture.

[+] And Creepy Olderly Dude confirms my suspicion from the start-- that Hannibal was behind the judge's killing, though not the guard. Trying to show up the orderly's little love letter? Lookie, it's a bigger, better box of bodies chocolates, Will.

Abel, if you narc on Will I will come through that screen and _hurt_ you.

[+] ALANA: "There's no solution to grief, Will…" blah, blah, textbook psych blather will you please shut up.
Ahaha, Chilton says she's "catnip for killers". First thing he's ever said that I agree with.

Alana, you are so easily played by all these psychopaths. Why are you even in this field?

[+] Hey, Hannibal finally gets some unexpected payback! I am so much more excited by that than I am all the muscular male-body fan service. Even if I weren't a dyke, it would still take a hell of a lot more than tight speedos to make up for Beverly.

I am loving Hannibal's suffering here, honestly. You can just choke on your "life is precious", doc.

Alana, look at what you're wearing to a highly probable sting! I actually cheered when he kicked the bucket out from under Lecter. Wheeee!

But he lives, because the show is called Hannibal and not Beverly.

Next Week, on Hannibal: Lecter sleeps with Alana, specifically to piss off Will. Dr. Bloom, I hope you have nightmares for the rest of your life about having his tongue in your mouth.

And now, as a tribute to my beloved Beverly, I have some fan art. I actually started this on Thursday, during a hideous six hour training class. (That's why I always bring a notebook-- not cause I'm gonna write things down, but because it's great for hiding sketches in. ^_~) I'm not thrilled with the color scheme, but I had to work with what was on-hand, and then finish up at home. I'm trying to make the thumb-nail small enough so it won't be spoiler if you don't look too closely.

Beverly Katz Gets Even*
Click to Enlarge!
Regular ink pens, india ink, office highlighter, supplemented with Copic marker

Abigail's hair turned out too red, and my stupid scanner one more failed to pick up the background shading. Otherwise, for a quick comic, I'm pretty happy with it. Though apparently my subconscious thinks that the dress-code in heaven is pretty lax, as long as you wear white and blue. X_x;; When Bev and Abigail are done, Amber and I are gonna slip in a wipe our greasy McDonald's super-size fries all over Lecter's furniture, too. ;-)

Seriously, this show. *cowboy drawl* I wish I could quit you. XD


*The alternative title, for all you MST3K fans, is Angel's Revenge. Yes, I'm done now.

Tags: abigail-hobbs, fanart, hannibal, hannibal-recap, hannibal/will, horror, slash

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