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[fanart] Puppy Rescue!

I don't know what it is, but there are just some fandoms *cough*BoB*cough* that make me scribble like a mad-woman (as opposed to just typing like one ^_~). Apparently, Hannibal is one of those fandoms. As if you hadn't noticed already. ^_~

This started out as a quick sketch on Friday, and I almost discarded it when I saw the previews for 2x07. However, a woefully long wait at the doctor's office quickly let this whole thing get out of hand:

The Only Crime He's Guilty Of (Is Simply Loving Me)
Click to Enlarge!
Regular ink pens, india ink, office highlighter, supplemented with Copic marker
*title from Crybaby's "Please, Mr. Jailer"

For some reason, my head-cannon from about 1x02 onward has been that Will names his dogs after WW2 Allied heroes/leaders. (Leigh also had this idea-- though for both Allied and Axis-- because we apparently share a brain. ^^;) So, we obviously have Winston (Churchill), Patton (the Doberman Pinscher), Truman (the Dachshund), and Dwight (the Sheepdog). Less famously, we have the the Irish Setter, McAuliffe-- the Army General who famously gave a one-word reply to the German's demands for surrender ("NUTS!"). I felt really bad I didn't have any girl dogs, so the weird terrier-mutt is Lyudmila, after Soviet sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko-- widely considered the most successful female snipper in history.
[/ here endth the historical geekdom]

My apologies to any dog breeds maligned or misdrawn; I am still not the best at animals (or anything, depending on who you ask ^_~).

I'm really kind of pissed at the reactions from the 2x07 trailer (i.e., 'oh, wait, Will isn't a killer?'). How sad is it that Hannibal has framed Will for murder, overseen his incarceration, killed his surrogate-daughter and a close friend, slept with his 'crush', and shoved non-consensual tubes down his throat, and Lecter is still (in some ways) a better friend than Jack or Alana.

I'm just saying, I don't blame Will: DOGS > PEOPLE. ^_^

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