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Hannibal 2x07: "i'm a goddamned liar, but then again so are you"

Couple of 'housekeeping' issues before I drive in:

First, my heart goes out to the Jewish community (and, indeed, the entire community) in the Greater Kansas City area. My thoughts, prayers and mourning for your loss and shattered peace are with you. It's so strange, how all the horrible changes in society occur with the swiftness and unstoppable nature of an avalanche, yet positive change happens in increments… almost glacially slow.

I think there will be a lot of sad and quiet seders tonight. We eat those bitter herbs for a reason.

Speaking of change (in this case, negative and expedited by money), I did want to post this link to an explanation of, and petition against, the Trans Pacific Partnership. There are plenty of petitions and resources in regards to how this can threaten innovation and internet freedom. This one was the most concise I'd found, but I encourage you, as always, to form your own opinion via the multitude of resources out there.

So, let's have some imaginary gore and psychological trauma. 'Cause when we want to turn the world off, this is how we roll:

Previously, on Hannibal: Alana showcased her spectacular bad taste by sleeping with Hannibal. Like Amber, I hope Alana and her evil demon baby have to eat every self righteous word that's come out of her mouth. The Chesapeake Ripper decided to 'give Jack and hand' and sent him Miriam's, but it turns out the rest of her was relatively physically intact still alive out there. Jack found Miriam in a cistern, wearing a gown they borrowed from the set of the last Haunting of the Hill House remake. Also, Will didn't kill anyone. SHOCKER.

[+] Jack is frightfully lucky, considering he wandered out to the killer's isolated hideaway without (a)any back up or (b)telling anyone where he was going. The man has luck, but zero instinct. Now there are plenty of people out and about. I hope they have a TON of crime scene tape-- they're gonna need it.

[+] The director montages shots of evidence being collected from Miriam, lingering lovingly over her mutilated arm. I am 90% convinced this show hates women (mind you, the other 10% exists because, as a feminist, I am the first one to second guess myself about over-reacting). I would love to know how many regular writers are female, and what the dynamic in the script room is like. We'll never know, I suppose. I don't remember Harris being so much misogynist as a typical male-writer-marginalizing women (at least in the earliest books). Hmm.

[+] Cue an uncomfortable meeting in which Miriam thanks Jack for saving her, saying she knew he'd "never stop looking". Jack is guilty and awkwardly attempts to be gentle. Miriam wants to help catch her abductor, but the Ripper got inside her head. This apparently involved a LOT of drugs, questionable psychic driving techniques, and fresh flowers. Also, Miriam has internalized an enormous amount of victim-blaming against herself, telling Jack not to "remind her of her mistakes".
… Yeah.

[+] Alana condescends to conduct the interview with Hannibal, because she wants to support her boyfriend and have an opportunity to make big doe eyes at the camera.

ALANA: "I wish I could tell you why this is happening."

Maybe because no one actually wrongfully accused of a crime stands there and tries to make the witness uncomfortable THROUGH THE GLASS.

Miriam says Hannibal isn't the Ripper, spitting the words out like she can't stand to have them on her tongue. Jack apparently missed the class on Stockholm Syndrome and conditioning-- it was right after the one about not going to abandoned dump-sites by yourself. Maybe he had strep that week?

[+] Back to the Interesting People, i.e. Will and Chilton (the later of which has had more character development in the past three episodes than he had in the entire first season).

CHILTON: The Chesapeake Ripper has set you free. Mazel tov.

Not to be picky, darling, but at this point I think the appropriate observation is mazel ra. [Mazel tov being good luck that drips down from the stars (i.e., mazal; destiny, constellation)-- and Mazel Ra, which is the opposite… bad luck dripping down from the stars. I'll stop being an annoying amateur linguist now. ^_~]

Will advises Chilton unburden himself, and convince Jack of his honesty "like your life depends on it". I'm less interested in Chilton's visible shudder, and more relieved that Will finally has his glasses as a shield again. Glasses + dogs = freedom.

CHILTON: "Why did Hannibal not just kill you?"
WILL: Aside from the akward phrasing of that sentence… "Because he wants to be my friend."

…Which may involve some decidedly un-cannibalistic love bites and mussing of your pretty curls. *snerk*

[+] JACK: "Need a ride?"
WILL: No, my mother told me never to take rides from strangers and, Mister, you're as strange as they come. "I was going to call a cab."

Seriously, Jack, WHAT THE HELL? Everyone on this show is always after Will for his supposedly loose grasp of social interactions, but… damn, Jack is really the one who doesn't seem to grasp basic human behavior, here. If Hallmark had a card that said, "OMG, so sorry I thought you were a killer can you please still do my job for me? then Jack would have it delivered, with flowers.

JACK: "We found Miriam Lass… alive."

I will say, he knows how to bait his hook. Will ain't buyin' it-- or he'll take it out in trade, and give Jack shit while he's at it.

JACK: "…. She stated definitively that Hannibal is not the Ripper."
WILL: "Is that definitive enough for you?"
JACK: "No."
WILL: [full Louisiana drawl] You finally smarten' up, cousin.

[+] Really, Will-- you go straight from prison back to work?

Heh, not only did CSI need miles of crime scene tape, they also had to special order yellow evidence numerals that went beyond two digits.

[sings] Stop! PENDULUM TIME. [/singing]

Will channels Hannibal, which means he spouts a lot of 'artistic' blather about form, presentation and dramatic effect.

Angela Carter said it much more effectively, "The most difficult performance in the world is acting naturally, isn't it? Everything else is artful." (Fireworks, 1974)

[+] Cut to Will's house-- his little boat on a snowy sea. Puppies are ecstatic 'cause DADDY'S HOME. Alana's "welcome home" is probably one of the least warm and welcoming greetings I've ever heard.

Turns out, Alana now has a rescue dog, because she needs more ways to feel as though she's a full and compassionate person. Look at her, with her cute clothes and neatly-kept nails; her carefully kept 'natural' hair and all her shiny degrees. She helps teens in crisis! She hob-nobs with Hannibal and his opera set! She rescues dogs! *gags*
(I'm sorry, I know I'm really heavy on the Alana-hate sometimes-- I'm probably investing much more in her than what she actually represents to other viewers. I get why she would and can be a likable character. I just have issues. Like, an entire magazine.)

Will, smiling and boyish, calls her out on all her bullshit. Alana counters with the fact Will tried to kill Hannibal.

WILL: [with the sort of realization that makes a person force their features into expressionlessness] "Safe from me, or for you?"

PUPPIES: Whateeeever! Daddy's home!

[+] Miriam gets a nice prosthetic-- a highly probable sign of guilt on the FBI's part, or at least Jack's. She and Will have an impromptu meeting of the Chesapeake Ripper Survivors Club. Like Amber said, meditation tapes will never make me feel safe again.

[+] Hannibal comes home to Will, who is holding a gun on him. Hannibal's quiet, polite (and clearly unterrified) interest in Will's trembling composure is one of the creepiest thing about this scene. Oh Hannibal, don't play coy-- we all know you would meet Death head-on.

[+] Jack takes Miriam Lass to Hannibal's office. This is such a bad idea that I don't even have the energy to deconstruct it. 'Bye now.

Also, the remnants of Team Sassy Science fulfill Will's prophecy, and find evidence leading them away from Hannibal Lecter. Jack proves he's dumb enough to buy beach-front property in Kansas. Even Jimmy Price can't keep up with all the people we apparently suspect of being the Ripper. 'Cept Hannibal, 'cause that would be silly.

[+] Hannibal once again breaks out his shiny plastic penguin suit, and pays a final visit to Dr. Chilton. Raul Esparza does some great acting here and has somehow, in the last three episodes, managed to make me sad about the fact he's going down like the Titanic. Wow.

[+] And, of course, Miriam elegantly ties off the loose ends by dramatically shooting Chilton at the end of Act III. Hannibal, darling-- Shakespeare you ain't.

I'm actually really hoping Chilton's not dead. Oh, Esparza, you wonderful, wonderful man, you!

[+] Cut to Hannibal, having an evening glass of wine. With requisite chamber music. He's actually dressed down a bit. looking very sleek and continental in his dark sweater. A knock at the door reveals Will, who has apparently dressed up. I'd don't even like men, but he is fucking pretty right here. Look at that curl! The way his more subtle stubble (say that five times fast) highlights his pale skin and eyes!

…. 'Kay, sorry about that. He's basically a portrait artist's wet dream. And, whadaya know, it looks like our favorite Empath has decided to revive his Serial Killer Catnap Look, now available in the Hannibal edition.

Hannibal cooly and obscurely dances around an actual conversation, has a few moments where he might have an expression, but is eating Will up with his eyes. (Bad turn of phrase.) How much you wanna bet there's now cologne to go with the coral dress-shirt and shave? He's so soft-spoken, shy and boyish, too. And the way he hold his coat! Like a young scholar looking to impress the headmaster.

WILL: "I'd like to resume your fucking with my brain my therapy."
HANNIBAL: [taking a seat] "Where shall we begin?"

Hook. Line. SHINKER.


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