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Hannibal 2x08: "tremble little lion man / you're not as brave as you were at the start"

I hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Easter. If you don't, I hope you still had a wonderful (and hopefully springy!) day.

So, what's more vibrant and spring-themed than another episode of Hannibal? Fits right in with the pastel colored peeps, I tell you.
(Pssst, Amber-- I think peeps might also be Hannibal's kryponite. ^_~)

Last Time, on Hannibal: Hannibal wants Will to embrace his true nature (and clean up a little, though even the good doctor admits Graham can rock the scruffy look). Because Will is an empath, he does both! The audience gets pretty, shaven and oddly vulnerable-looking Will, and-- while it doesn't let Lecter off the hook for killing Beverly-- they do seem to warm up a bit. Alana is a big ninny who wouldn't see the truth if it were tattooed on Hannibal's chest and she read it in the middle of 'the act'. Miriam had her brains stirred with a two-by-four (and then poured into a very expensive blender), courtesy the Chesapeake Ripper, so we really can't take her word for anything. Chilton is framed by Hannibal, observes that it's too late, and promptly gets shot. Will says you can't trust anyone except your dogs.

[+] Two trails of footprints in the snow. Oddly enough, my first thought is of The Walrus And The Carpenter. Hahaha, I'm messed up. But I bet you Hannibal likes that piece. *cannibalism rimshot*

Jack and Will are out enjoying Will's favorite hobby. Amber is right-- I love Will dearly, but he's got a really boring (and less-than-climate-friendly) hobby. Jack also wishes they could have done this in the summer, but right now the trout are cold and their metabolism is slower, which makes them harder to catch. Nothing in Will's life is allowed to be easy. They proceed to have an elaborately metaphorical conversation about catching Hannibal. (Here's a fun question-- if Hannibal were a fish, what kind would he be?)

[+] Apparently the kind that cuts the heads off other fishes while they're still alive. I am so glad I have my 'big fishes' icon. Thank you, Amber!
I am still observing Passover dietary restrictions so, even though the fish comes with octopus, Hannibal's 'let's be friends again!' dinner looks very tempting, right now.
On Tuesday night, I am going to carb-load like it's going out of style.

Turns out, it's a fish Will caught. Is that like when my dog catches a bunny in the yard and brings it to me, tail wagging, as if to say "Lookie, Mommy I love you THHHHHHIIIIISSSSS much"?

Hannibal, trout is not a Nietzsche-esque fish. You, however, are a pretentious goober.

G-d, am I gonna have to watch an awkward dinner conversation? 'Cause trust me, if that's the case, I can just go eat with my extended family. ^_~ No cannibalism puns (really, Will? REALLY?), but plenty of hidden motives and resentment to give you heartburn.

[+] Dudes, if someone put a human baby in that horse, I will smack you SO HARD, Fuller.
… Nope, just a young woman. Because this show hates women, but it thinks we look pretty when we're dead. Typical shit-- we have to put effort into our appearance constantly. If I've got to look good when I'm dead, too, I'm sorry-- that's just too much pressure. *flips the bird*

[+] Hannibal comes to observe and pontificate about the psycho-social and religious symbolism in horses, but Jimmy shows him up toot-sweet. You go, Price! He's our quiz-show kid. Love his, "it's a little wordy" critique to Zeller. I can't imagine what on earth those two would be like in bed together, yet their adorable married behavior makes me want to ship them. I'm quite torn.

[+] Oh, look at that, Hannibal counsels rape victims. Haha, yup, there's no G-d. We just got the proof right there, no god. I have nothing to say about the whole sheet-sex montage, because it makes me ill.

Alana is cranky because, consciously or no, she knows Will is competition. She points out the obvious about resuming therapy with someone you think framed/tried to kill you. But that's not the logic we use on this show and, plus, Alana said it, so it's wrong.
(Also, Alana, don't play with Hannibal's chest hair. *shudders*)

[+] JIMMY: "Chances are, everyone in this room absorbed a twin. Mine survived."
I would love to see Jimmy and his twin together one day. ^_^

Huh. A bird inside a woman inside a horse. It's like a really fucked up matryoshka doll.

[+] PENDULUMMMMMM…. Have I mentioned that, while I agree that they're beautiful animals, I find horses intimidating and frightening? 'Cause I do.

[+] Creepy animal guy is creepy. He's sad for the horse, but he can only help the bird. No mention of the girl. X_x;;

[+] Will and Hannibal discuss how Will would kill Hannibal-- this is apparently their version of phonesex. When Hannibal asks "how would you do it?", he actually means 'what are you wearing'?
Will says he finally finds Lecter interesting, and Hannibal *smiles*.
Oh, we're all going to hell.

[+] I would have loved to see Will's conversation with FBI Human Resources.
HR: "Erm, yeah, you're back on the payroll. Sorry about the jail time. 'Kay thanks bye."
WILL: "Yeah, are my sessions with Lecter covered by insurance now?"

[+] Oh, hell, did Zeller actually apologize? No wonder it's so damn cold.

[+] This poor young woman. Somehow, I'm thinking raping your sister isn't something a family could/should wallpaper over. She is excruciatingly well made-up. That lipstick makes her mouth look like a knife wound, and the crimson silk around her neck… Hannibal is the worst therapist for her, but I do agree that she should wait to kill her brother until she can get away with it.
She's young, and has time. *shark smile* We don't forget, and we definitely don't forgive. ^_^''

[+] *giggles* Alana has been dying to say, "How does that make you feel?" since she stopped 'counseling' Abigail.
Meanwhile, Mr. Creepy-Cookie-Cutter-Guy has a very fake smile, and isn't very good at pretending to be a person.

[+] Oh, poor Peter. Stupid fucking social worker killed his babies, and now wants to lecture him about his "crimes".

[+] WILL: "I'm alone in that darkness."
HANNIBAL: "You're not alone, Will. I'm standing right beside you."
Probably at once the most romantic and terrifying thing Lecter has said to anyone, EVER.

[+] WILL: "Peter, is your social worker in that horse?"
I know it's terrible, but I had to pause here because I was laughing so hard. Only Will, and only on this show.
Hannibal, you are forever barred from talking about "weird" or "normal", kay? Thanks.

And the show kicks up the gross-meter. Poor horsie.

[+] I have nothing, nothing coherent to say about Hannibal's gentle appropriation of the gun, his tender cupping of Will's neck and skull, and that affectionate little laugh… *shivers and squeals and shakes her head all at once.*

Excerpt from Hannibal's fluffy pink glitter-diary:
"Dear Diary,
Today William and I took a lovely scenic drive together, and interfered with an FBI criminal investigation. It's even more fun with such excellent company! We saw a wonderful gamut of grotesqueries and suffering, and Will almost shot another serial killer. He is so pretty and unexpected and I hope we can be friends forever and ever.
What a wonderful day!

Note to self: Tell Alana I am breaking it off with her to pursue things with Will. I'm sure she'll have a good time analyzing her feelings about that."

… *rolls eyes at self* Yeah, that's some fucked-up shit friends and neighbors.
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