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Hannibal 2x09: "you'll know me if you see me / 'cause I just don't give a shit"

Heeeey! Way, way behind on my Hannibal-- far less enjoyable things have been taking up my time, namely doing battle in the infected, puss-ridden bowels of RL. But, since I seem to have a reprieve *crosses fingers, knocks on wood, makes the sign of the evil eye* I thought I'd go ahead and type up the thoughts I jotted down in regards to 2x09.

But first, since there have been far too many depressing things on this journal lately, please have some "art" by yours truly. Once again, inspired heavily by conversations with Amber regarding how weird and shaky Will's connection with the FBI is now. ;-) No, I don't know why Jack is wearing a pimp suit.

(Sh*t Rolls) It's All Downhill From Here
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Regular ink pens, india ink, office highlighter, supplemented with colored pencils and Copic marker.

Ahahaha, Will, your train-wreck of a life is deeply heart wrenching, but also kind of comforting, in that it makes me feel a lot better about mine. -_-''

Wow, I have quite the potty mouth today, and we're not even into the actual review.

[+] Opening scene in a kind of blue-gray color filter. Swiggity-Swag Stag is present-- haven't seen him in a while!
Are we really going to have a long, artsy dream-sequence during which Will and Hannibal repeatedly use the words "love" and "beloved", and then pretend this show isn't drenched in homoeroticism the way a candy apple is drenched in caramel? To say nothing of the Japanese rope bondage.

…. I guess we are. *sober look* Okay.

[+] HANNIBAL: "Why not appeal to my better nature?"
WILL: "I wasn't aware you had one."

You are his better nature, sweetie. That's the scary part.

[+] Jack had yet another creepy dinner with Hannibal (at this point, if he really does suspect Lecter like the ice-fishing scene implied, how is he choking this all down? X_x;;) Lecter says he can't discuss his boyfriend's friend's state of mind with said friend's maybe-boss.

HANNIBAL: "Will is now officially my patient." (Because I really feel like I don't have enough professional misconduct in my life.

[+] Will and Hannibal are, at last, back to having their brain-storming sessions. Will plays a little word association game in regards to their pseudo-animal murderer-- "Adapt, evolve… become…."
Will is so talented, he can have eyesex without actual eye contact. Boy has mad skills.

These two are fully clothed and not really even touching, but I still feel like I walked in on this.*

Will and Hannibal round out their date session with some discussion about Will's murderous fantasies about the doctor. Hannibal's tiny little indulgent smile is way, way more terrifying than any full show of teeth.

[+] MARGO: "At least I'll never be the worst person I know."

Oooooh! New favorite saying!

MARGO: [looking right at Lecter] "What kind of psychiatrist are you?"

Thank you, honey-- we've only been waiting almost two seasons for someone to ask that question.

[+] Awwww, Will and Peter are still friends. Hannibal should probably be jealous, 'cause Will doesn't brave mental hospitals for just anyone.

PETER: "Man is the only creature that kills to kill."

As Amber pointed out, this isn't quite correct (though we still have the dubious distinction of being the only species that forces unwanted sexual contact on one another X_x). But, at the end of the day, we're still animals-- very strange, unevenly furred animals with pretensions and silly clothes. ^__^ (Some more silly than others, Lecter.)

[+] Will needs to see a (real, genuine) physician about those antlers coming out of his head. No wonder he has a headache!

[+] JACK: "What does he [the killer] want?"
WILL: (off-handedly) "To maul."

Not morbid and creepifying at all, dear. Not a bit.

[+] Hannibal just radiates satisfaction during his appointments with Will. He's really missed these bull sessions!

WILL: "Guns lack intimacy."
HANNIBAL: "You must allow yourself to be more intimate with your instincts" … by which I mean, me.

[+]And we finally get a little slice of the healthy pairing on this show: Zeller and Price. They're explaining to Jack why the rending-tearing-mauling culprit is not a cave bear.

JIMMY: "Mostly because they're vegetarian, and have been extinct for twenty-eight thousand years."
ZELLER: "Mostly because the bite force relative to skull size doesn't match what we've been seeing."

And later, in bed:

JIMMY: Time discrepancy trumps physics discrepancy!
ZELLER: Nuh-uh!

[+] RANDALL: "I'm proof mental illness can be treated."

Careful, writers, your prejudices are showing…

[+] I like Margo's little leather cape-let. It's not practical, but it is cute. Also, Margo Verger… it all makes sense, now. If Mason Verger were my brother, I'd take a pretty good stab (haha) at killing him, too.

HANNIBAL: "I collect church collapses."
One of his more innocuous hobbies. X_x;;

[+] So Hannibal pits one 'student' against another, leading Randall right to Will's final little enclave of peace. My hand-written notes literally read: WOW HANNIBAL YOU SUCK if Buster had died I would NEVER have forgive you HOLY SHIT!

The 'holy shit' is, of course, the point when Will turns up in Hannibal's dinning room with Randall ale carte.

So I guess they carve the body up, make a lovely dinner, and then make crazy-passionate psychopath love to one another on the plush rug in front of Lecter's fireplace. … Sorry, for just I second there I thought I was reading something under the 'Murder Husbands' tag on AO3.

Fuller, Fuller… what is this shit you're pulling?


*Hannibal might like Jack's version of Hide & Seek. Though, if he's playing with anyone save Will, it's gonna end in blood and tears. I miss my Torchwood boys. <3

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