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Hannibal 2x10: "it's hard to say what's real these days / my mind can be a dangerous place"

*sighs* Still behind on Hannibal. I meant to come home and do this yesterday, but I've just been so… down lately, that really all I did was crawl into bed, cry for a little while, and go to sleep. Not to sound like a broken record, but I miss Murray, and I can't do anything right at my job now (shocker).

I did, however, do a small ink sketch while I was stuck inside for lunch. (It's already too hot to go outside for lunch, here. I swear we do have four seasons: Winter, Still Winter, Raining, and Construction. ^_~) Have some Team Sassy!Science:

Monster Dinners Are Really Great (We Eat The Food & Then The Plate)
Click to Enlarge!
Faber-Castel ink pens on printer paper.

Previously, on Hannibal: Hannibal transformed into the wendigo during one of Will's dreams, and the boys experimented with some Japanese rope bondage. Will thinks he has migraines, but he's really growing antlers. He promised Freddie Lounds exclusive rights to his story, and we both know that is going to work out so well for both of them. Margo Verger showed up at Will's house, so they could pow-wow about Lecter's therapy techniques. Hannibal, once again, threw a young and budding serial killer under the bus. On a more unusual note, this bus was driven by one Will Graham, who cheerfully presented the carcass to Lecter, with the reminder that his puppies are FUCKING OFF LIMITS, OKAY? Standards, Lecter. Geeze.

[+] In the gloom of Hannibal's overly-ornate dining room,Will presents Randall's body, insisting he and Hannibal are even, because they've both tried to kill each other. (Not really, though-- I think Will owes Hannibal at least two more. We had Hobbs, the Musician serial killer, and Gideon, after all). They wax poetic about death for a moment.

HANNIBAL: "Did you kill him with your hands?" Talk dirty to me, baby.
WILL: "It was… intimate."

[+] Cut to some artsy shots of Hannibal tenderly bandaging Will's knuckles. Every small interaction between Mads and Dancy is so charged, it almost feels invasive watching them. They're both fully clothed, but they do an excellent job of illustrating the intimacy and communion between these two characters.

WILL: (staring off into space}
HANNIBAL: "Don't go inside, Will."

*shivers* He's just so.. knowing when he says that! X_x;;

HANNIBAL: "Stay with me."
WILL: "Where else would I go?"

Then, of course, they indulge in some more pillow talk about Will's fantasies (i.e., about killing Hannibal). Lecter also wants details in regards to how the body will be displayed. Haha-- I had a professor once who told us that reading/listening to one's porn (he used the term 'erotica'), as opposed to purely visual modes, was a sign of being over-educated. It makes me giggle just about every time Will and Hannibal interact.

[+] Interior, the shadowy enclaves of a cathedral-gallery. Someone has unhinged Randall's maximal and slapped it on the cave-bear skeleton. Well, everyone has to start somewhere.

Hannibal offers vague critiques, while Will makes less-than-oblique references that make even Lecter give him the side-eye. Relax, Doc-- after as many cannibal puns as you've made, you haven't even begun to pay your karmatic debt.

HANNIBAL: "This is a fledgling killer…" And I'm just so damn proud. "He's never killed before, like this."
WILL: "Not like this, no. This is the nightmare that followed him out of his dreams."

Here's a tip, Jack-- those are not the words of a well man.

[+] Will and Freddie meet in her distressingly quaint extended-stay suite. If it were any other two characters, I'd be nervous about the use of a hotel-room. With these two… nah. Freddie rhapsodizes about how wealthy (and even more obnoxious) she'll be when she exploits Will's story for a movie deal.

FREDDIE: "Hannibal Lecter is your psychiatrist again. What's up with that?"

Wow, is she taking Twitter prompts from the audience now, or what?

Freddie then calmly lays out all the reasons why Chilton is only a passing fit for the Ripper's profile, including (hysterically enough) the fact he was a "woeful surgeon, dangerous even." Poor Raul Esparza-- no dignity even in death. And to think, I only started liking Chilton in about the last fifteen minutes of his screen-life.

WILL: "My story with the Chesapeake Ripper already has an ending, Freddie."
FREDDIE: "Mine doesn't."
WILL: Keep talking like that and it will soon, sugar.

Freddie goes on to claim she won't be letting Abigail's death go any time soon. Humph, I believe Will when he says that, but not this bitch.

[+] Back at Hannibal's Serial Killer Finishing School Psychiatry Practice, Lecter goads a statuesque, black-and-white Margo about her botched effort at murder.

HANNIBAL: "Do you know why you failed to kill you brother, Margo?"
MARGO: "Poor planning?"

See, I feel as though-- if Margo had a more realistic and less entitled upbringing-- she really could be decent character. There's a fire under all that icy poise. But, alas, the poor-little-rich-girl spin takes away a lot of the appeal. Like Amber said, I'm not trying to blame the victim… but I bet it would be hard for Mason to find her if she were teaching at a preschool in Newfoundland. (Always my back-up plan if I have to flee my "real life". That, or become a pearl-diver in Okinawa. ^_~)

[+] Margo promptly goes back to her little mini-castle, where her distressingly fur-swathed, scarecrow-haired, nasally-voiced bother goes to elaborate lengths to threaten her with being eaten by pigs. So… maybe Margo's options are a bit more limited than previously thought. Mason is definitely not shy about spending money. Perhaps Alaskan Ice Road Trucker is a better escape venue.

MASON: I raped you and got away with it. Now I'm threatening to murder you, and get away with it. Any questions?

Just whether or not the scary hedgehog on your head has ever been introduced to a hairbrush.

[+] Cut to a frankly annoying juxtaposition of Will/Margo and Hannibal/Alana. Aside from the overly obviously symbolism of Hannibal 'playing' Alana, I have a HUGE issue with Margo here. Namely, that the writers went out of their way to mention her "proclivity for parts" (which Will reiterates), and then she promptly jumps in bed with a man. I realize that sexuality is a spectrum, and that there are plenty of women who are primarily attracted to other women, who still occasionally sleep with men. And vise-versa. Heck, you don't have to be especially attracted to someone to sleep with them.
HOWEVER. The lesbian sleeping with a man trope, in the context of popular media, is just plain annoying. It's like adolescent jack-off fodder. I have no patience for it, so I'm not going to talk about it anymore.

You get one guess as to whose name Hannibal/Will cried out during orgasm (hint, it wasn't their lady-friend's ^_~).

Also, I call foul on Will letting anyone sleep over at his place right now. Recent murder attempt and Lecter-associated nonsense aside, I definitely see him as someone who would much rather do the Walk of Shame than suffer someone else in their private space.

[+] Over on campus, Freddie and her relentlessly curled hair want to know if Alana was sleeping with Hannibal when she was his student. I want to know why Alana has lived this long without realizing that-- as a redhead-- red is not the most flattering color on her. (Priorities. ^_^)

[+] Lecter shows up at Verger's place, because he is pathologically incapable of not meddling as much as humanly (or inhumanly) possible. Yeesh, it's a wonder he hasn't been caught before. Mason makes some vague threats, and Hannibal offers his services as therapist. Mason pretty much signs his own death warrant by asking about Hannibal's sister. Happily, he has no idea, and goes on to offer the good Doctor a nice slaughtered pig.
I'm so glad we can all be friends.

[+] Hannibal proceeds to host the Most Awkward Dinner Ever. It's like he's playing bingo! Let's see all the boxes he's ticked off:
(a) official girlfriend and secret lover at the same table
(b) frightening entree that still has a face
(c) chamber music
(d) discussion of loving animals and then slaughtering them for food, with particular emphasis on the phrase "they eat what they love".
(e) veiled insults to said girlfriend re being "bland"

HANNIBAL: "Crossing boundaries is different than violating them."

And let me tell you, Alana-- Hannibal crosses Will's boundaries every damn night, and twice on Sunday. *lecherous wink*

[+] Hannibal puts on his best plastic suit for a date with Freddie, but she doesn't show. ;-( Meanwhile, Freddie pokes around Will's place, as the audience sighs and reaches for the nearest alcoholic beverage. Yet another female character who dares have her own thoughts and impetus, being readied for the wood-chipper. If the writer's keep going, we're gonna be stuck with Career Girl Barbie Alana, at which point Harris' original universe might actually be less misogynistic.
(It's been a while since I've read the novels, but I never got a particular feeling of antipathy from him towards women as a group… he just seemed more like your typical cis-gendered white guy of the time period.Women were furniture, props; women were The Girl doing a "man's job" and getting seduced by a serial killer, ect. ^^ )

[+] Will tells Freddie she won't have to be afraid much longer, which I really hope means that she'd going to be taken in to Witness Protection or something as part of some really elaborate undercover work in his part. X_x;;; Once again, Jack Crawford couldn't find a serial killer if he were blandishing a bloodied axe in front of his face.

Will brings Hannibal cuts of meat from a 'chatty lamb', and they have a long moment of domestic fluff (complete with uplifting music) while they putter in the kitchen and eat together.
Ah, young love.
To quote Mystery Science Theater: "I just feel all mystically magical now. I think I'll go kill something."


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