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T-Minus 3 Hours!!!

So, I shoved a forty-hour work-week into four days (haven't done that since I gave up my four-by-ten schedule in 2011) so that I could take tomorrow off without pay. I purchased tickets for X-Men: Days of Future Past showing at the local cinema (in 2-D, thank you) at 10:30PM this evening. I am going all my my lonesome so I can enjoy the Cherik to its maximum capacity, before I see the movie again with Sam and the girls (oh, the hardship ^_~). It's stupid, but I am so psyched. As crappy as the past few weeks have been, it's nice to have something-- even a small, fannish something-- to look forward to.

I'm so excited! I can't wait to see McAvoy/Fassbender and Stewart/McKellen reprise their slashiness roles, though I'm nervous about whatever curve balls the writers will throw. Charles will be cranky, adorable and unkempt! Erik will also be adorable, and vaguely menacing, and probably totally lose his shit when he figures out what Charles has done to himself.* There will be mangsting, and eyefucking, and Hugh Jackman totally wishing those two would get a room and save the world that way. Wolverine has to solve everything, man. ^_~

*bounces* I have to stop now, before I explode twelve-year-old!Meredith all over the place.


*Not considering Charles' issues a spoiler, 'cause you see it in the TV trailer. ;-) Hopefully that doesn't bug anyone.
Tags: charles/erik, first-class, marvel-verse, slash, x-men

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